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You’re never left behind at parkrun – meet the Tail Runner!

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Maybe you’re a bit worried that everyone else at parkrun is going to be really quick and you’re going to get left behind? That you might finish last or even that you might get lost because you can’t follow the person in front of you?
Worry not, for at parkrun you will never finish last, because you will be accompanied by one of our hi-vis heroes, the Tail Runner!
Each week we have a volunteer that takes on this role, and runs or walks with the last runner in the parkrun. They’re there to support and encourage and also to provide a bit of company! It doesn’t matter how slow you are, parkrun is for all abilities, and it’s totally fine to run, jog or walk your way around the course. It’s a run, not a race!
The Tail runner also helps to let the volunteers out on the course know when the last runner has passed, so they know to leave their posts and collect the signs to bring them back to the start.
As a Tail Runner you’ll be credited for both your run and your volunteering, so you’re one step closer to getting your parkrun t-shirt for running (50 runs) or volunteering (25 volunteering instances).
And there’s one more thing that you should remember too, that all the other parkrunners want you to succeed. Runners are a pretty friendly bunch, and everything is relative is running, even those at the very front would be several minutes behind the quickest Kenyans. So everyone appreciates that achieving your own goals is what is important, whatever they may be!
If you want to volunteer as a Tail Runner one week, we’d love to hear from you. Just reply to the weekly parkrun email and we will welcome you to the team!

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