Nyheter - 29th June 2017

Celebrating 100 volunteers!

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When we started up parkrun in Sweden, one of the things that we often heard was that we’d never be able to get the volunteers to be able to put on the event every week. In fact, it was the same when parkrun started back in the UK, especially when the event was on every week. Well, we’re delighted to say that this hasn’t proved to be the case!
Between Haga and Örebro, we’ve now had 50 events, and in those events, over 130 different people have volunteered at least one time to help put on an event. It’s a great response, and with new volunteers every week, it really helps to create a great big family that everyone feels part of. As the volunteers will tell you, it’s good to be on the ‘other side’ once in a while, and see what parkrun looks like when you’re watching, not running, and of course, have a chance to cheer everyone on!
So a big thumbs up to everyone who has been a volunteer so far at parkrun, and we look forward to welcoming the next 100 volunteers. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you’re helping to sustain our free, fun, weekly event for everyone. Thank you!

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