Nyheter - 9th August 2017

2000 registrations!


We’re delighted to have reached another milestone, 2000 people registered for parkrun in Sweden! It took us around 8 months since we first launched Haga to reach the first 1000 runners registered, and now it’s taken another 4 months to reach this next milestone.


We’re definitely on an upwards trend! Looking forward to continuing this steady growth with the new events coming online this month in Skatås and Huddinge and with other events in the pipeline for launching later in the autumn and in spring 2018.


So far just over 1300 runners have run an event in Sweden, and that number will also include visiting runners from overseas. So there is most likely 800+ people who have registered but not yet come along to a parkrun event. We hope that you will join us in the near future! If you have not yet printed out your barcode, please remember that there is a link to it in this newsletter that you have been sent. See you at parkrun soon.


Happy parkrunning everyone!


Deri Thomas
Country Manager, parkrun Sverige

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