Nyheter - 4th October 2017

International parkrun day – #parkrun13


This Saturday marks the 13th anniversary of the launch of the first parkrun event in Bushy Park in London. We’ve used the photo below before, but it’s such a great record of the very first event, that it’s always fun to bring it out again. Lucky that someone had the foresight to take that snap!


parkrun pioneers



Fast forward 13 years and last weekend there were over 200,000 people running and volunteering at parkrun events around the world. You could say that it’s caught on a little bit……



To celebrate this centenary, the first weekend in October is known as ‘International parkrun day’. This year parkrun have been using the hashtag #parkrun13 and they’re trying to get pictures from every parkrun around the world of people in their home parkrun ‘apricot’ t-shirt.


tshirt pic


You will probably have seen these worn by visitors from abroad, and now we are starting to see a few more ‘local’ t-shirts with Haga, Örebro, Skatås and Huddinge on the tops. If you have one of these t-shirts already, wear it with pride this weekend!



All the money from the proceeds of the t-shirts goes back to parkrun, and helps to keep the events free every week for everyone, forever. So if you want to look good and support parkrun, you can find the parkrun shop here. Shipping anywhere in Scandinavia is FREE for all items purchased.



Have a great International parkrun day everyone!



Deri Thomas
Country Manager
parkrun Sverige

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