Nyheter - 21st January 2018

A parkrun adventure to South Africa!

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This festive season we were lucky enough to visit South Africa. Of course no trip abroad is complete without a bit of parkrun tourism and on this holiday we managed to squeeze in not one but two new parkruns.
First up we visited Winterton parkrun which started and finished at ‘The Waffle Hut’, no prizes for guessing what the post run fika was.
According to the pre-event briefing this parkrun claimed to be the most beautiful in the world – the organisers had clearly never been to Haga parkrun. Some people had set off at 4am from Johannesburg that morning especially for the run, so expectations were high.
It was a one lap course completely off-road with a mix of grass and dirt tracks and as we headed back towards the finish there was an amazing view of the Drakensberg mountains – it really was quite spectacular (sorry Haga parkrun).
We then enjoyed some well earned, and much appreciated given the heat (it was just a little bit warmer than Haga parkrun), waffles and ice cream for breakfast.
The next parkrun we managed to squeeze in 4hrs before we caught our flight back to Stockholm. We were staying at an airport hotel and had the choice of 4-5 parkruns within 20mins drive. We headed to Gillooly’s parkrun, again it was another lovely off road one lap course but what was special about this event is that we were there with 1700 other parkrunners! (The photo at the head of the article shows Hector and Rachel just before the start of the run.)
Although it was obviously a huge event it was actually no different to any other parkrun we have been to. That is what we love about parkrun, they are always well organised, simple events with interesting courses and most importantly friendly fikas. We look some new events and more parkrun tourism on our next holiday.
Rachel and Hector Haines
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Haga parkrun

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