Nyheter - 20th February 2018

Highlights from last week

huddinge  fire

Across the Nordics, four events survived the weather last weekend, with the long-awaited return of Toyen parkrun in Oslo, together with Tampere in Finland and Haga and Huddinge in Sweden.
It was cold and snowy across all events, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the people taking part as you can see from the pictures below.
snowy toyen
Tøyen parkrun has been out of action for a few weeks, due to ski tracks being placed on the course! Now the team have been able to hold the parkrun on an alternative course, 4 laps with the start and finish close by the original route.
short sleeves
It was cold on Saturday, but still short sleeves were on display here in Norway!
A happy gang of volunteers at Haga parkrun
Camouflaged against the snow at the lapping point at Haga parkrun
The Copper tents at Hagaparken give a dramatic backdrop on a snowy day
The event team at Tampere parkrun this week
tampere looking snowy
A photo from before from Tampere parkrun, looking majestic in the snow
huddinge  fire
Ready for the start at Huddinge parkrun, with the fire ready to welcome the returning runners!
This photo was taken from the week before in Huddinge but was too good to leave out!
More cold weather awaits this weekend, the last February parkrun of 2018, before we start moving towards March, the spring, clear parkrun paths, bigger numbers and plentiful PBs! But we will keep enjoying these snowy scenes for a little bit longer!

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