Nyheter - 26th February 2018

All around the world!


This weekend we will reach an important landmark for parkrun Sweden – the combined total of everyone running parkruns in Sweden is now the equivalent of running around the world! 40,050 km is that distance, and even with the winter weather that we have with us now, we’re pretty certain to pass this total this weekend.
STV image
Last time it was measured, by SVT in May 2017, it was the distance from Earth to Mars and back again……but that was 30 million kilometres and one million parkrun registrations ago – things move quickly in parkrun world.

Of course that’s nothing though, in comparison to what the global figures are for parkrun! In December 2017 parkrun Global posted the following on Twitter:
parkrun to the sun
‘On Monday we will almost certainly pass 149,597,870,700 metres, completed at parkrun…..Meaning parkrunners will have walked, jogged, and ran the average distance between the Earth and the sun!’
All for free, with every event organised by teams of volunteers.
#loveparkrun #älskarparkrun

Dela med vänner:

Route 3 cover pic

Velkommen til Dømmesmoen parkrun, Grimstad!

Våren 2018 besøkte jeg en venn i Storbritannia. Jeg la merke til en rekke magasiner om løping som lå rundt omkring i huset hennes, og spurte hvem i familien som hadde tatt opp løping. Til min overraskelse fortalte hun meg at det var henne selv, og spurte meg om jeg hadde hørt om parkrun. Hun…

parkrun Japan 2 cover

parkrun starts in Japan!

Japan will become parkrun’s 21st country when the first starts in Japan on 6th April. The first event is called Futakotamagawa parkrun and will be located in the western suburbs of Tokyo alongside the Tama river.   It’s a one-lapper in a park, offering runners a scenic, flat parkrun in an attractive urban park environment….