Nyheter - 8th March 2018

parkrun is on its way to Uppsala!


We have mentioned it before and now the momentum is gathering to bring parkrun to Sweden’s fourth biggest city, the wonderful, historic university city of Uppsala!


With a population of 150,000, Uppsala is a great location for parkrun, with a vibrant international mix. It’s a city that lends itself really well to physical activity and is known for the fact that one third of all journeys are made by bike, thanks partly to the largely flat terrain along the banks of the river Fyrisån.


Uppsala 2


Various options have been checked out for the potential parkrun route, with the favourite being a variation of an out-and-back route along the river, starting from Stadsträdgården and travelling south towards SLU before turning and heading back into the city centre.


The team are waiting to receive approval for the route which will hopefully become a firm favourite – a fast, flat attractive route that is simple to follow for the runners, and easy to set up for the organisers.



Uppsala 3


And the café option is a beauty! Konditori Fågelsången is a favourite among locals, and has a fine assortment of post-parkrun goodies to enjoy. Just a stroll away from the finish area, it’s going to be a great meeting point for parkrunners, for the all-important social aspect of what parkrun is all about.



A marvellous group of parkrun volunteers has now established a core team and are making swift progress with the practical side of getting things set up to start up the event. But we can always do with more help to give them support and help establish parkrun in Uppsala!


If you know someone whom you think might want to get involved, please let them know about Uppsala parkrun and ask them to get in touch. We have set up an Uppsala parkrun Facebook page and the easiest way to reach the team is via this page.


And the important question – when will we start?! Well, that remains to be seen, but if things move in the right direction then Uppsala could be up and running sooner than you might think……!


p.s. A final note for parkrun tourists not from Sweden – Uppsala lies around 70km north of Stockholm, and only 35km from the main Arlanda airport (it will actually be marginally closer to the airport than current tourist favourite parkrun, Haga)

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