Nyheter - 21st March 2018

Skatås parkrun – alternative Winter route

skatås Mari

This week, Skatås parkrun will be testing out an alternative winter ”out and back” route that will hopefully allow the team to run parkrun through the winter months. Participants will recognize the first two kilometers out to Härlanda Tjärn. But instead of turning right and proceeding uphill behind the kiosk by the beach, participants will now bend to the left and follow the larger gravel path (the ”grus åttan”) to a u-turn cone, which participants will round before running back, past Härlanda Tjärn and to the finish line by Skatås Motionscentrum! This route more regularly receives extra gravel and sunlight, making it far more likely to be ‘runable’ than the current route, which has stubborn patches of shaded ice that take weeks to melt.
You can see a sketch of the new route below.
Skatås new bana
Feedback from all participants would be much appreciated!

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