Nyheter - 21st March 2018

The story of a globe-trotting parkrunner, continued……..

Tony 3

Last week we brought to you the news about our globe-trotting parkrunner, Tony Jennings, from Australia, who had made his way to Tampere, Finland, in his quest to run the snowiest and most northerly parkrun in the world. Well, that was just part of a Scandinavian parkrun adventure that highlighted the dedication of committed parkrunners not to miss their weekly parkrun – and the volunteers across four countries coming together and going the extra mile to help out.
Following last week’s parkrun in Finland (not to forget the sauna and hockey game courteousy of Event Director Olli Ström), Tony travelled onwards to Oslo, in eager anticipation of running at Tøyen parkrun. Keen readers of the parkrun Nordic newsletter will know that the team in Tøyen have been battling through the winter to keep their parkrun going after cross country ski tracks were prepared on the original route. Now with an alternative winter route in place, this time it was the turn of ice to rear its ugly head. Not just a little patch here or there, but whole stretches of big, uneven ice.
The team were checking the course throughout the week but it wasn’t until Friday, following freezing temperatures overnight, that it became clear that Saturday’s event was going to be cancelled.
Tony started looking at options and made contact with the team at Skatås parkrun, Göteborg – he worked out that he could catch an overnight bus that would bring him to the start line in time. Could this work? Well, it might have…..but the ice had claimed its next victim, with Skatås also having to cancel. Huddinge in Stockholm was still on, but there weren’t any travel options available to get him there in time? What next?!
Step to the rescue our Danish parkrun friends! It was possible to catch another overnight bus which would bring Tony all the way from Oslo to Köpenhamn, where a quick dash across town would bring him to the most central parkrun in town, Faelledparken parkrun. And as a bonus, the event was hosting a St Patrick’s Day parkrun special with green cake, hot coffee and even Guinness on offer from the local Irish pubs and cafes in the city.
Perfect! Well, to cut a long story (and journey) short, Tony managed to make it to the start in time (just!) and loved his experience of running the event, as you can see from his Facebook post here.
Here’s also a few photos from the event, which looks a whole load of fun.
Tony 2
Tony with Run Director Rikke Nissen
Irish guy
irish guy2
start faell
parkruns are all about creating local communities, but the charm of parkrun is that you are also part of a global community, and you know that you can turn to parkrun volunteers around the world for help, guidance and travel assistance!

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