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The eight golden rules of parkrun!

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The parkrun Global team have come up with a shiny new version of what is termed the parkrun Code – 8 simple rules that parkrun follows to keep things simple, safe and to maximise the enjoyment for all taking part or volunteering. We’ll take you through a quick run through of the eight golden parkrun rules!
Please pay attention to the pre-run briefing
Like on a airplane, many of us are experienced parkrunners or flyers, but let us have your attention for a couple of minutes for the important pre-run briefing. It could be new safety information that is particularly relevant for that day, or it could be the important announcement of a parkrun milestone that has been reached by a runner. Whatever it is, parkrunners lend us your ears, just for a short while.
Respect everyone’s right to participate in their own way
You may want to walk the course, you may want to smash your PB, you may want to run with your child, you may want to run with your friends. The joy of parkrun is that everyone can run on their own terms and in their own way.
Under 11’s always within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian
If you’re 10 years old or younger, you need to run with an adult at parkrun. It’s a simple rule that helps us to keep the young ones safe. Just don’t push Mum or Dad too hard…..
One dog on a short lead per person

Dogs are welcome at most parkruns (and currently at all parkruns in Sweden, Norway and Finland). We think that it adds to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at parkrun, but we still want to make sure that we keep things safe. To keep things within manageable limits, we stipulate that there is a maximum of 1 dog per person on a short lead.
Be mindful of your local environment and other park users
We share the spaces that we run in with other park users. parkrun celebrates the enjoyment of being outside in the ‘great outdoors’ and being active in the beautiful parks and open spaces around the world where parkruns are located. Being allowed to continue being in these spaces is a privilege, and one we want to continue, so let’s be responsible and respectful and keep it that way!
Thank the amazing volunteers!
It’s a simple thing, but a thank you goes a long way. Say thank you to the people who have helped to put on this week’s parkrun event. And if you are able to, why not volunteer yourself once in a while? It’s a good feeling to slip on that hi-vis vest and get a few thank yous yourself!
No barcode, no time, no exceptions
We ask you to bring just one thing to your parkrun – your printed barcode!
To make things run smoothly, we ask that everyone brings their barcode, so that we can scan everyone efficiently and avoid queues and extra work for the volunteers. If you’ve forgotten your barcode, there’s always next week! If you are having trouble accessing a printer, ask a friend, or your local parkrun team – there’s usually someone who can help.
Have fun, it’s only a walk, jog or run!
parkrun is a run (or jog or walk!) not a race. We celebrate the taking part, the enjoyment of physical exercise, and being part of the parkrun community.
Thanks for reading, and keep the parkrun code in mind wherever you are running this Saturday!

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