Nyheter - 10th May 2018

Sverige på fötter!


Last Saturday we were privileged to receive a visit from Svensk Friidrott, who came along to check out Haga parkrun. They were helping to promote the campaign
‘Sverige på fötter’, helping to get everyone in Sweden up on their feet and getting active. We think it’s a great campaign, and as parkrun fits right into this model, we’re really glad to get recognition and support for what we do.
Svensk lopare

The team did some interviews and videos with runners at Haga parkrun, so we will let people know when these are published on the website.
Sverige pä fötter will also be holding a Manifestation dag on Thursday 31st May – the idea is to get as many people as possible active on the same day, with free activities across the country. Of course Thursday isn’t traditionally a parkrunday, but we will be hosting an activity in Hagaparken that evening at 18.00, to help spread the word about Haga parkrun and to lead a group run, jog and walk around the Haga parkrun course. We hope local Haga parkrunners will join us then to help us promote the event and support the great aims of Sverige på fötter! More details will follow soon on our social media channels.

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