Nyheter - 23rd May 2018

I did it!

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I’m not a fast runner (Editors note: everything is relative Claire!) in fact since discovering parkrun back in 2012 I have managed to run the 5km distance in less than 30 minutes just once, and that course was nice and flat! Haga parkrun is definitely not flat so when I was challenged by Deri Thomas to run around in 29:59 or less before the end of 2017 I thought it would be impossible, but I can not resist a challenge! So the sub-30 Haga parkrun challenge began…

I began pushing myself to run a little faster each week and to squeeze in an extra run mid-week. Sure enough, my times got faster until December 2017 when I managed 30:01! Argh! So close, and yet, so far away from the sub-30 by the end of 2017. Luckily for me I have a ‘significant’ birthday this summer so Deri reset the challenge to completing sub-30 by then.
Last weekend I arrived in my black 100-parkrun shirt to a rather hot sunny morning in Hagaparken with no intention of going for it that day. It’s just too warm I thought to myself.
My legs had other ideas. My legs knew I could do it after all the recent training runs at the STHLM trail run and up and down Norrmalärstrand! After the first kilometre my watch told me I’d run up the looooooong hill in 5:45! At 2km it was 10:50 and after lap 1 14:25. Now my brain joined my legs in believing I was going to do it! I crossed the line in 29:28 – well below my target time and several weeks before the dreaded birthday!


I wonder what my next challenge should be?
Claire Ward-Passey
Haga parkrun

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