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parkrun – One Big Family!

örebro wedding photo

At the start of Örebro parkrun #60, just before the pre-run brief, a few of our regular parkrunners gave a tribute to Josefin & Johan (also regulars) as they would be getting married that very same day. I had suggested to them after last week’s parkrun that they such have their wedding ceremony at parkrun, but that idea didn’t sound too attractive to them for some strange reason!
Josefin & Johan – many congratulations guys
parkrun is all about creating a happy, friendly community that encourages people to be active. We talk about it all the time that for many people the idea of running or even walking 5km’s can be quite intimitading, due to a multitude of reasons. Regular exercise brings a variety of long-term physical and mental health benefits and parkrun stands out in its approach. As a runner myself I know that starting out is hard and even harder on your own.
With parkrun you’re not alone, so it has the power to encourage and inspire those who wouldn’t usually participate in sport to get involved. Even the Olympic athletes remember that first time they nervously pulled on their training shoes.
Encouraging this kind of activity is also a good investment. There is compelling evidence for the wide-ranging health benefits and cost savings that accrue from a more active local population. Increased levels of physical activity can be an effective means of preventing, delaying and managing a wide range of mental and physical health conditions.
Literally everyone and anyone is welcome at parkrun, with just a few rules that we’d like people to respect with view to health & safety, eg. that children under 11 years old need to be accompanied with an adult.
Hands up if you love parkrun!

Örebro parkrun #60
Börje is a regular member of the Örebro parkrun family, still a keen runner in his late 70’s!
We love nothing better than seeing new friendships being formed and people changing their routines in a positive, active way through the warm family atmosphere created at parkrun. So the message is simple; give us a try, tell everyone you can and you never know you might just adopt a new family!
See you at parkrun.
Matt Ford, A85744
Örebro parkrun Event Director

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