Nyheter - 12th July 2018

Report from the parkrun UK conference

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This past weekend I had the privilege to visit the parkrun UK conference, which celebrated the hard work of all the many, many volunteers that help to make the parkrun magic happen every Saturday morning. Although mainly aimed at volunteers from around the UK, there were also delegates from other countries including Ireland, Poland, Australia, South Africa, Germany and Canada. This was a great opportunity to share experiences, stories and ideas from wonderful parkrun colleagues from around the world.
Like the amazing initiative to get parkruns started in prisons in the UK, playing a small but significant role in the rehabilitation process of offenders in these institutions, and changing lives for the better. 3 prison events are now up and running with others sure to follow.
Or the newly launched ‘parkrun practices’ where parkrun is working together with local healthcare providers to help parkrun become an important health intervention, promoting physical activity in a welcoming environment for those who maybe need that support to take the first steps towards a happier and healthier future.
We’d love to see more of these initiatives across the Nordics, and as our numbers continue to grow, we know that we will also be increasingly relevant as an organisation who are at the forefront of positive change.
We also had confirmation of some positive news relevant for the Nordic country websites:
- new Finnish and Norwegian language websites
- an updated and improved Danish languages website
- a commitment to simplify and improve the parkrun registration page
- the ability to choose your home language on the registration page, selecting from a wide range of relevant languages
Work is already underway on these projects, and we hope to keep you updated on more progress over the next few months.
In other news, the parkrun ‘Apricot’ range will soon be returning to the parkrun shop, with new stock estimated to be in place in September. Watch this space also for other exciting news on other parkrun-related clothing merchanise arriving soon…..
So thanks again to all the fantastic volunteers who help to put on parkrun every single week here in our 17 events across the Nordics. We are proud that we play a part in the global family that is parkrun, and always remember that you are part of something much, much bigger and a true force for good in the world!
Deri Thomas
Country Manager, parkrun Nordics

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