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Humans of parkrun Norway

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parkrun is all about people, and the team in parkrun Norway have been publishing a series of portraits of the individuals who make parkrun what it is in Stavanger and Oslo (Tøyen) parkrun. As these little biographies show, there are many different types of parkrunners that you will find, and the reasons for getting involved are diverse! Meet the Humans of parkrun Norway.

Humans of parkrun Norway #1
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Sarah, Sverre, Belle and Heidi are Tøyen parkrun regulars. Mum Sarah ensures the girls get around the course by pushing their buggy in record time whilst the girls ensure mummy gets up the hill with lots of vocal encouragement! The joint family effort is usually rewarded in the cafe afterwards!

Humans of parkrun Norway #2
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Aud is one of the Tøyenparkrun regulars. She first heard about parkrun whilst visiting a friend in Australia. When she came back to Norway, she saw that it was starting up here and she has been coming ever since. Sometimes she runs with her partner Jeff, sometimes with her dog Luna, and sometimes alone. She says that it is the social side of parkrun that she enjoys the most. She has tried to encourage friends to join in but they are often worried about being last. She tells them that at parkrun the volunteer Tail Walker is always last, meaning no-one else will be.

Humans of parkrun Norway #3
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Meet our youngest participant of Stavanger parkrun. Oscar is a very active boy who likes keeping his parents busy. He has just turned six years old and has already completed 43 parkruns, starting in Aberdeen at the Hazlehead parkrun. The parkrun family there kept him happy and motivated and this feeling did not change when he met the recently formed Stavanger parkrun team. He has been inspiring other kids along the way and even made his grandpa join him recently. His family discovered parkrun on social media when looking for inclusive activities that let them all participate at their own pace (baby in the buggy included)!

Humans of parkrun Norway #4
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Barbara and Steve were parkrun visitors from Kings Heath Running Club, Birmingham UK who joined us at Tøyen parkrun. They said: “Very welcoming, a gorgeous park – all the parkrun loveliness here in Oslo! When your holiday overlaps with a Saturday, your barcode is essential. #dfyb (don´t forget your barcode)”
One registration is all that is needed to be able to join any of the 1500+ parkruns in the world.
Humans of parkrun Norway #5
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Tommy and his family are regulars at Stavanger parkrun. It was whilst living in Perth, Australia that the family first got into parkrunning with Carine Glades being their home run. After a hiatus from exercise following the birth of their children, Tommy found that parkrun was the family friendly atmosphere he needed to get back into running. He subsequently managed to recruit his kids and wife to join in. Now having moved back to Norway, the family are often seen running and volunteering at the Stavanger run. Tommy´s next goal is the Stavanger marathon at the end of August.

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