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parkrun dedication from Finland!

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If sometimes we think that parkrun is not understood by local people when it starts up in new countries, then Leena Heino is a good example to show that this isn’t the case.


Since Tampere parkrun started last autumn as the first event in Finland, Leena has not missed a single event. Not only that, she has already volunteered 25 times, meaning that she will one of the first Finnish parkrunners to proudly wear the purple ’25′ volunteer t-shirt.


Here she shares a few thoughts of what she has learned in the first year of running and volunteering at parkrun.


What have I learned after volunteering 25 times?

There isn’t a single volunteer task that is too menial or too difficult. Each and every parkrun event needs preparation beforehand and afterwards. parkrun offers good guidance on how to organize each event and everyone helps one another.


The result of all of this, is that whether you are a runner, walker or volunteer, everything goes smoothly, and it is very easy to participate.

What have I learned after 42 parkruns?

Choose your shoes according to the weather conditions and not for the looks. Ice and snow are slippery but with good spiked shoes you can run with ease and confidence. parkrun is also about coffee, company and pastries.


We’re not so keen on tea in Finland – in the cafés here there are usually a wide variety of different coffees and pastries, but tea is more of an afterthought. In my experience, tea doesn’t taste so good when it’s served in a coffee cup!

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