Nyheter - 26th September 2018

The tale of the travelling barcode

Travelling barcdoe 1 header

Some time ago a parkrun tourist lost his barcode card in our park. A non-parkrunner in the park found it, wrote to us and came by later at Fælledparken parkrun to return it. We found @Brendon in the database and e-mailed him.
Travelling barcdoe 2
Well, we could just mail it by post. But we decided to make it an event – make the barcode travel by hand from parkrun-to-parkrun – hopefully reaching a parkrun close to Brendon by traveling a path from one parkrun to another.
Travelling barcdoe 1
We handed the “Baton” to the first parkrun tourist today – looking forward to following the path of the #travellingBarcode and seeing pictures from the journey.
Travelling barcdoe 3
To be continued……
Gert Nissen
Fælledparken parkrun

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