Nyheter - 1st November 2018

Halloween parkrun pics

uppsala cover pic

Last weekend some of our events celebrated Halloween with some seasonal fancy dress and decorations. Here’s a selection of photos from around the Nordics from last Saturday:
Amager Faelled
Attractive witches hats for the volunteers at Amager Fælled parkrun

There was even a homemade finish funnel for the runners at Haga parkrun…..
…..and some fingers to eat afterwards!
Uppsala pumpkin
Some great costumes were on display in Uppsala including a volunteer pumpkin……
uppsala sheep
….and a running sheep!
A winter chill was in the air at Tampere parkrun!
Trondheim first event
We also saw the first event taking place at Festningen parkrun in Trondheim
Here’s the start at Vejen parkrun
Claus 250
It was also the 250th run for Event Director Claus Andersen at Vejen. Congratulations Claus!
Vääksy kanava
Greetings from Vääksy kanava in Finland!
All smiles from the volunteer team at Skatås parkrun

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This week’s Nordic parkruns photo collection

The second week back after the New Year, and another massive turnout for parkrun around the world (again, over 340,000 people taking part over the weekend). And the Nordics played their part, with close to 1000 people being involved in the 18 events that beat the freeze and took place on Saturday. This included Esbjerg…

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parkrun Norge- en oppsummering av året 2018

For et år 2018 har vært for parkrun Norge!   I år braket det løs for Stavanger parkrun, Løvstien parkrun i Bergen og Festningen parkrun i Trondheim som dermed ble en del av den norske parkrun familien. Festningen ble i tillegg kåret til verdens nordligste parkrun. Vi har fått flere henvendelser fra andre steder i…