Nyheter - 6th November 2018

“I’m afraid I’m going to finish last”

Tail walker pic

Being so involved in parkrun, it’s easy to forget that people who don’t know what we represent are still worried that they will be ‘too slow to go to parkrun”.


Tail Walkers


Of course, you’re not! There is no time limit at parkrun, and the majority of our events even have a Tail Walker who will support you, provide encouragement, and is always the final finisher.


You can walk, jog, run or volunteer – everyone is welcome at parkrun!

And to be honest, this is really ‘the thing’ with parkrun – that we are for everyone, and everyone can take part on their own terms.


You’ll always get a warm welcome at parkrun and with the average size of our events ranging from around 20-30 parkrunners at the smaller events to 80-120 at our larger events.


We offer a friendly welcoming environment where you’ll also have the chance to meet other parkrunners at the finish, or perhaps over a coffee afterwards.


See you on Saturday!

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