Nyheter - 6th November 2018

“I’ve lost my barcode – how do I get it back?”


One of the phrases that you will often hear in parkrun circles is ‘don’t forget your barcode!’. But what happens if you have not just forgotten it, but have completely lost it?
Well, if you are reading this article in the parkrun newsletter, then the links to your barcode are at the bottom of this email – so look no further!
But there’s also another, simple way that you can always find your barcode, and that’s to type in your email address here:
This way you get a link to your barcode sent directly and immediately to your email.
(Note: if you don’t have access to your original email address that you registered to parkrun with then fill in this form and the parkrun team will update this for you.)
Finally, you can also order a very flash looking parkrun barcode wristband so that you will never have to look for your paper barcode again – just click here to order.

Don’t let not having your barcode be a reason for not coming along to parkrun! And after all this, even if you don’t have your barcode, of course you can still take part!

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