Nyheter - 28th February 2019

Photo round-up from the Nordics: February 23rd

Amager Strandpark cover

The last Saturday in February, and unseasonably mild in the Nordics, like across much of Northern Europe. We were still a few short of a full turnout this week, with five events still having to be cancelled due to ice. Nevertheless, we have plenty of photos to demonstrate that parkrunners were out in force right across the region having a great time, whichever way they were involved this week!
Tøyen parkrun just about beat the freeze, with the winter course being used, possibly for the final time this year
Hard not to jump for the camera at Örebro parkrun
Amager Faelled
Event Director Henrik Poulsen welcomes the 83 people taking part in this week’s Amager Fælled parkrun
Haga on film
Even members of the public wanted to get on camera at Haga parkrun
Out story about Jansku made it around the parkrun world, and we’re glad to see that he was getting a speedy trip around Tampere parkrun again this week thanks to Leena and Nina
Here’s the volunteer team at Tampere this week too
Nordre Faelled1
A photo from the start at Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers
Brian Nordre coffee
Also at Nordre Fælled parkrun, this is Brian who brings two pots of coffee every other week for the runners and also helps with the timekeeping
Amager Faelled
Amager Strandpark
Hard to beat the backdrop for the start of Amager Strandpark parkrun
Malmö 3


It feels good to finish! Three runners come over the line at Malmö Ribersborg parkrun
Possibly the best parkrun view in the world? Definitely a contender, Løvstien parkrun in Bergen
Uppsala selfie
Volunteers having fun at the turnaround point at Uppsala parkrun
Running can be tiring, as shown at Brabrand parkrun where 51 runners enjoyed the spring sunshine
A glorious morning for the participants at Stavanger parkrun
The biggest turnout of the day in the Nordics with 110 taking part this Saturday at Fælledparken parkrun in København
Event Director Jonas Boman got a chance to run today at Skatås parkrun in Göteborg

Dela med vänner:

Route 3 cover pic

Velkommen til Dømmesmoen parkrun, Grimstad!

Våren 2018 besøkte jeg en venn i Storbritannia. Jeg la merke til en rekke magasiner om løping som lå rundt omkring i huset hennes, og spurte hvem i familien som hadde tatt opp løping. Til min overraskelse fortalte hun meg at det var henne selv, og spurte meg om jeg hadde hørt om parkrun. Hun…

parkrun Japan 2 cover

parkrun starts in Japan!

Japan will become parkrun’s 21st country when the first starts in Japan on 6th April. The first event is called Futakotamagawa parkrun and will be located in the western suburbs of Tokyo alongside the Tama river.   It’s a one-lapper in a park, offering runners a scenic, flat parkrun in an attractive urban park environment….