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Welcome to parkrun in Canada!

This week we are starting a series of looking at how parkrun is developing in other countries around the world. parkrun now exists in 14 countries (and hopefully by the end of this series, perhaps one or two more……) which are the UK, the Republic of Ireland, USA, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Italy, France, Singapore, Australia,…

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Läs mer › Nyheter - 8th March 2017

Feedback from the field

This Saturday Haga parkrun will be celebrating our 25th parkrun since we started in August 2016. Time flies!   Here’s some nice things that people have said about us during that time:   “Thank you Haga Parkrun for being my home away from home. I just love the spirit, the people and the sense of…

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Living, not merely existing

parkrun Sweden is proud to support the work of the charity Mind Sverige, and the work they do in tackling mental illness and its consequences. Mental illness can take many forms, including of course, eating disorders. Taken from a recent parkrun UK blog, below parkrun Global Marketing Executive Tom Fairbrother (on the left) shares his…

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Läs mer › Nyheter - 1st March 2017

Stories from the volunteers!

This week has seen some of the regular volunteers at Haga parkrun taking on running challenges.   Claire Ward-Passey (above left, in the hi-vis Tail Runner vest) has started out on her 2017 goal to break 30 minutes for Haga parkrun. She’s no stranger to tough training, having completed the London Marathon back in 2015,…

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Welcome to parkrun in Örebro!

New Orebro parkrun Event director Matt Ford (pictured above, with parkrun UK staff Helen Hood and Jo Sinton-Hewitt) tells us about the journey to the first Orebro parkrun on April 8th!   “I used to run at my local parkrun in South Manchester and always thought what an amazingly simple and brilliant concept it was….

Läs mer › Nyheter - 22nd February 2017

parkrun becomes a PEPPARE!

This week we’re delighted to announce that we’ve become part of GEN-PEP’s network, an official PEPPARE. GEN-PEP is a Swedish non-profit organisation initiated by the Crown Princess Couple that works to spread knowledge and engage both people and organisations in a joint effort to make it easier for children and young people to live a…

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Some milestones for parkrun Sweden!

This weekend we are looking forward to celebrating some milestones – the 1000th run performance at Haga parkrun, the 500th different parkrunner at Haga parkrun, and 5000km run in total at Haga parkrun! Small steps, but all worth celebrating we think!   All of us involved in the core team at Haga parkrun were a…

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My parkrun nightmare

It hasn’t happened yet, but one day, someday, something is going to go wrong with our timing system and we’re not going to be able to produce the results for a parkrun event. It’s happened before at other events, and although the technology we use is pretty simple and reliable, like any technology, it can…

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Not just for the converted – parkrun is for everyone!

As a runner myself, I have a passion for running that I just want to share with everyone! It’s one of the most satisfying things about being involved with parkrun, knowing that what we’re creating with parkrun is helping to bring the joy of running to many people, and also bringing people together, so that…

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Huddinge parkrun to start up later in 2017!

We’re delighted to say that plans are underway to introduce parkrun to Huddinge in the south of Stockholm. After an exhaustive search of venues, the local team have chosen Källbrinks IP to be the location for the event, where there will be a three lap course (one smaller lap, followed by two slightly longer laps)…

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