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“Saturday morning – it’s too early for me!”

Being the parent of small children, the irony of 9:30 being considered ‘too early’ at the weekend is currently not lost on me!   But of course not all parkrunners are parents, and anyway, after a hard week of work, it’s understandable that getting to the parkrun start line for 9:30 (in Sweden, Norway and…

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“I’m afraid I’m going to finish last”

Being so involved in parkrun, it’s easy to forget that people who don’t know what we represent are still worried that they will be ‘too slow to go to parkrun”.     Of course, you’re not! There is no time limit at parkrun, and the majority of our events even have a Tail Walker who…

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“I’ve lost my barcode – how do I get it back?”

One of the phrases that you will often hear in parkrun circles is ‘don’t forget your barcode!’. But what happens if you have not just forgotten it, but have completely lost it?   Well, if you are reading this article in the parkrun newsletter, then the links to your barcode are at the bottom of…

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Don’t let anything stop you

Elizabeth has always battled with her weight, and Ulcerative Colitis – a chronic health condition that causes inflammation of the large intestine and bowel. When she started a Couch to 5k programme she ran in secluded areas after dark to avoid being seen.   Since being persuaded by her sister in 2015 to walk/run Heaton…

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Halloween parkrun pics

Last weekend some of our events celebrated Halloween with some seasonal fancy dress and decorations. Here’s a selection of photos from around the Nordics from last Saturday:   Attractive witches hats for the volunteers at Amager Fælled parkrun   There was even a homemade finish funnel for the runners at Haga parkrun…..   …..and some…

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Welcome to the family Nordre Fælled parkrun, Randers in Denmark!

Nordre Fælled parkrun in Randers, is the first new event to be launched in Denmark for more than 6 years, and becomes the 22nd event in the Nordics. The event takes places in the beautiful nature reserve that has given the event its name, situated at the northern end of the town.     The…

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An autumnal round-up from the Nordics

We’ve not yet seen snow, but the temperatures are beginning to drop, the leaves are falling, and there’s an autumnal feeling in the air. Here’s this week’s selection of snaps from around our four countries which capture parkrun at this time of year.   In Vejen parkrun, Denmark Hanna Kruse Olsen became the 15th person…

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parkrun – kärleken ta aldrig slut!

En dag förra året, i början av våren pratade jag med Mamma (jag gör det oftare än så vill jag påpeka) och hon sa hon hade läst i tidningen att det pågick någon löpning i närheten av Naturens Hus på lördagar. Och eftersom löpning är hur kul som helst så kunde jag ju kolla upp…

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Learn to love the hills!

Over the past few weeks as we’ve launched several new events in the Nordics, we’ve noticed that the overall profile of the course is often a hot topic of discussion! In other words, people seem a bit daunted if the route includes some “upwards flat sections”, also known as hills!   Sometimes there can be…

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parkrun Nordics on film

We have some stunning parkruns here in the Nordics to show off to the world, and what better way to do so than capturing them on film. Here below can you see videos of a number of our events across our four countries, to see what parkrun looks like in each of these locations. The…

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