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Velkommen til familien Nordre Fælled parkrun, Randers!

Nordre Fælled parkrun i Randers er det første nye løb til at komme i gang i Danmark i mere end 6 år. Nordre Fælled Parkrun bliver dermed d. 22. parkrun event i Norden.     Det finder sted i Randers Nordby i det smukke naturområde som har givet begivenheden navnet. De 5 kilometer er en…

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Ice is just another surface!

With winter just around the corner, our partners at Salming Running are delighted to announce the launch of their award-winning new iSpike shoe, ready to get you around your local parkrun course, whatever the conditions underfoot.   The shoe was the Gold award winner at ISPO (Global Sports Exhibition) 2018 in the category Health &…

4 million
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The Golden barcode!

parkrun started in Sweden back in August 2016 and is fascinating to look back at the barcodes of the people who signed up at that time, as it shows that in this relatively short period of time, the total number of parkrunners worldwide incredibly has doubled, going from around 2.5 million parkrunners to the imminent…

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photos from around the Nordics from Saturday’s parkruns

Blue skies and bright sunshine was the default setting for our events this week in the last parkrun in the first half of the year. With over 150 first-time runners this week, parkrun continues to reach out to new participants through the best form of advertising, word of mouth. What’s not to like?!   These…

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Capital city parkruns

Our parkrun friends in the UK have compiled a list of European capitals where you can run parkrun, and of course our Nordic parkruns feature prominently on the list! Read on to see where else you can run a parkrun on your travels.   With parkruns now taking place in 20 countries worldwide, we take a closer…

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Thanks to our sponsor CauseyWestling!

In order to keep parkrun free, forever, for everyone taking part, parkrun relies in part on money brought in from sponsors. Globally, parkrun is starting to be able to attract more sponsorship funds in countries where the events are well established – obviously when you have 1 million people in your database, this makes it…

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Tell us what you think!

We’ve now been going for 13 weeks at Haga parkrun. We’ve had nearly 700 people register on the parkrun Sweden website and there’s now close to 400 different people who have run Haga parkrun. It’s great that more and more people have found their way to parkrun and understand that there is plenty to like…

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parkrun at Christmas!

Time flies – it seems that it was just yesterday that we had the first event at Haga parkrun in August and now it’s just 4 more parkruns until Christmas! This year julafton falls on Saturday 24th December and if you’re wondering if there’s going to be an event on that day then the answer…

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We’re looking to start other parkrun events in Sweden!

We’re on the lookout for opportunities to start up other events in Sweden and spread the parkrun experience across the country.   Do you know someone whom you think might be interested in starting up an event in their own community? All that’s really needed is some enthusiasm and some passion to make it happen!…