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parkrun Wildlife

Almost 1,700 communities worldwide are now home to parkrun events every Saturday and Sunday, and just like the variety of parkrun courses, parkrunners come in all different shapes and sizes, ages and experiences, coming together every week for a walk, jog or run, followed by a coffee and a chat.   Whilst man’s best friends, the four-legged parkdogs…

Haga vols cover
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Some amazing milestones from 2018 in the Nordics

Globally parkrun continues to grow at a rapid pace, with this year welcoming two new countries to the parkrun family, Malaysia and Germany, and more recently, reaching the 5th million person to register for parkrun.   But closer to home in the Nordics, we have also reached some important milestones which show how parkrun is…

Örebro volunteering cover pic
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Volunteering – It’s so rewarding!

I felt it was time to write some words about our amazing, fantastic, awesome volunteers that help make parkrun happen every week around the world.   There’s an image within the traditional role models of clubs (föreningar) in Sweden that everyone who is a member (or indeed if you are a parent to a child…

Bergen volunteerrs cover
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This week’s Nordics photo round-up

It got a bit chillier this week, but all 22 events in the Nordics stayed on track, and it was yet another week with over 1000 runners, walkers and volunteers coming together at our parkruns. Here’s some photos to take you around on a two-minute trip around Scandinavia from last Saturday.   Time for the…

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parkrun Apricot range soon back in stock

Launched back in 2016, the iconic ‘Apricot’ parkrun t-shirts have become a huge hit around the world, giving everyone the opportunity to proudly bear the name of their ‘home’ run, whilst also contributing to parkrun’s sustainability, as all the proceeds from the t-shirts goes back to parkrun.   Here in the Nordics the trend of…

finn from Germany and Lorna cover
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“Running has changed my life more than I can describe”

“Saturday was my tenth parkrun!   Yep, you read that right! Imagine, until this time year I had never ran, (except reluctantly to catch a bus or in sports lessons way back in school!) I didn’t know how to, I had poor self esteem because of my shape and size.   I was however motivated…

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Life’s a beach!

Finding a free, weekly, timed 5k that gives you the opportunity to get sand between your toes and waves splashing on your feet are few and far between. But, in the parkrun world, there are more opportunities to soak up the sun on golden sandy beaches – without needing to pack an umbrella or a jumper just in case!…

Per Faelledparken 50 cover
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A week in parkrun – photos from around the Nordics this week

Still no snow, and still over 1000 runners and volunteers showing up to our events each week – parkrun is booming here in the Nordics. Here are some snapshots taken from our 22 events last Saturday:   This is what a PB feels like! Ulrika Tallgård on her way to a new PB at Haga…

whistler guy resized
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From Whistler, Canada to Örebro, Sweden

It all started with one move, across the world, from Canada to Sweden. I’ve always been active, but I never considered running to be “my thing”. I enjoyed climbing mountains, downhill skiing, and mountain biking at home. I didn’t know what to expect when I came to Sweden, but I found myself surrounded by like…

jyri cover shot
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Who has completed the most events in YOUR country?

Walking, jogging or running all the events in each different parkrun territory has become a familiar challenge to dedicated parkrunners. It gives people a reason to travel, discover new places and meet new friends, all in the pursuit of parkrun.   Here in the Nordics, we look at the parkrunners who hold the records for…

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