News - 9th February 2017

Feedback From the Field

Jim Portrush

My 12-year-old daughter Molly not only had a PB at Portrush parkrun on Saturday but was also the first female finisher. I didn’t find out until later that Molly had stopped when the second female finisher fell, and helped her up. Proud dad and happy to see the spirit of parkrun spreading!


I started running three years ago. I hadn’t done much exercise since leaving school but in my mid-fifties I decided to get fitter. I was nervous about doing a parkrun even though I lived walking distance from one. My first was Colby parkrun in August 2014 while on holiday. Then I plucked up the courage to join Newport parkrun and was hooked by the friendly atmosphere. Moving to Saundersfoot in December 2015 I completed my 50th run the Saturday after. Being a regular parkrunner helped me settle into a new area and the support from everyone at Colby has been fantastic. I’ll never be a front runner and am often the final finisher, but everyone is so encouraging. parkrun definitely makes my Saturday!
Pat Brimble


This is a copy of Netley Abbey parkrun’s run report for this week, written by my five-year-old daughter Grace. The second photo is of us in our marshal spot alongside Gordon who is mentioned in the report – many years Grace’s senior but one of her favourite things about coming along to parkrun with me. These two, for me, demonstrate everything parkrun is about: people. Getting people out on a Saturday morning. Getting to know other people. Doing something for the good of other people. Making people happy. Enjoy!
Karen Andrews
(PS Mrs Perrino is a teaching assistant at Grace’s school!)


Simon is 20 months old and already wants to put his name on the monthly volunteer glitter chart! The glitter chart works a dream for encouraging volunteers.
Queen’s parkrun, Belfast


Last year I started running at Watergrove parkrun, Rochdale. My granddaughter Georgia noticed there were some young children running and asked if she could join in, so I agreed to run with her. Two weeks ago the weather was awful but Georgia was still keen to run and we did it in 42 minutes. She was also intested in the tail runner Zain who was running with us. I said he was there to help people, and Georgia said she wanted to help too. So on her second parkrun she helped Julia as the tail runner. Georgia is hoping to do 10 runs before her 10th birthday in June to earn her milestone shirt.
Stephen Rostock


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