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7 weird and wonderful water-sports for you to try this summer  

Father and son jumping into lake

Our friends at Healthspan are embracing ‘World Oceans Day’ today and have a number of whacky watersports to encourage you to embrace the water. Say goodbye to getting stuck for ideas on holiday, these watersports will keep you busy and the majority can be re-enacted at your local pool. But be warned, some are a little…inventive.


    1. Surfing

Surfing is a popular sport these days and with its trifecta of benefits including good exercise, fresh air and a lot of fun we completely understand why. If you’ve never surfed before you’ll find you end up using muscles you never even knew existed. And if it’s part of a family day out, simply watch as the hilarity ensues. We’ll put money on the kids standing up first.


  1. Synchronized swimming

You’ve more than likely witnessed synchronized swimming in the Olympics as a breathtakingly elegant sport with exceptionally high standards. That kind of graceful movement is surprisingly hard to achieve on land, let alone in water. But hey, there’s nothing funnier than watching someone inherently un-graceful try to be precisely the opposite.


  1. The Waboba

Waboba is the original genius behind balls that bounce on water. The name actually refers to the Swedish brand ‘Waboba’ that created the bouncing water ball in 2005 and is short for Water Bouncing Ball.


A simple bit of equipment for a lot of fun.


  1. Aqua-jogging

Take the slow lane in your local pool to extremes by partaking in aqua-jogging as opposed to your usual lengths of breastroke. As for those of you pessimistically shaking your head, this workout is actually VERY tiring. No laughing until you’ve tried it.


  1. Picigin

Rather cleverly invented by a group of students from Prague who were finding the game of water polo too challenging to play in shallow water, Picigin involves using your hands to bat around a small ball in a circle of people. The aim is to prevent the ball from coming into contact with water and, if played properly and with competitive participants, involves exciting, dramatic and occasionally magnificent displays of running and diving through the water.


  1. Underwater hockey, otherwise known as Octopush

This unlikely sounding sport, otherwise known as ‘Octopush’, is highly official and even represented by the ‘British Octopush Association’.  Two teams compete to move a puck underwater from one end of a swimming pool to the other, each team-member dressed in a mask, a snorkel, and fins and holding a small stick the size of a spatula. The sport originated in England in the early 1950s and the first Underwater Hockey World championship was held in Canada in 1980.


If you’re yet to find a team sport suited to you, this might just be it.


  1. Cold water swimming

The associated health benefits of cold-water swimming such as a boosted immune system and circulation are tempting more and more people to dip their toes and embrace the freezing cold.


It’s been a long standing tradition in Scandinavia to run between hot springs and cold water lakes in search of these health benefits and, whilst we don’t have the luxury of hot springs here in Britain, open water swimming clubs are popping up everywhere.


So why not take the plunge?  Summer is the perfect time to begin!


Remember: always check in with a lifeguard or watersports instructor before entering the water. They’ll be able to advise you on all aspects of water-safety.

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