News - 10th July 2017

Thank you volunteers


To all parkrun volunteers, THANK YOU! parkrun is an international success thanks to you.


As the Event Director of a new parkrun event, I’d like to express my gratitude to the most amazing team of volunteers. They are the most committed and reliable people. They are at the park every Saturday morning, come rain or come shine with smiles and awesome spirits.


Many of our volunteers come from the other side of the city. They have been willing to try different roles so that everyone is very versatile. Thanks to them, I don’t ever worry about not having enough volunteers for the coming event. I really enjoy starting my weekends with them. They each bring something very unique to the team and it wouldn’t be the same without them.


You may volunteer because:

  • you are new to the city and you thought that volunteering with parkrun would be a good way to meet people and make new friends;
  • you are retired, you have time and want to spend it outside around active and dynamic people;
  • you are a student and you have the obligation to do a certain amount of hours of volunteering and you chose to do them with parkrun because it’s fun;
  • you believe in having a healthy lifestyle and in making sport events easily accessible and free to everyone;
  • your friend made you do it;
  • you are an injured parkrunner, and while you need to rest to recover, you still want to spend your Saturday mornings with the friendly parkrun community;
  • you are looking for a new job and it will look good on your CV;
  • you have experienced the positive benefits of being active and want to contribute to changing people’s lives through physical activities;
  • you already know you’ll be at a party the night before and you’ll probably be too dehydrated and hungover to run. So you will bring a big bottle of water with you at the event and you will be really looking forward to joining everyone for a post-run coffee and a greasy breakfast before going to bed;
  • you want to be a good role model for your children, grand-children, nephews and nieces;
  • there’s this really good-looking parkrunner you think is also single but you are too shy to talk to him/her so volunteering as “barcode scanning” is a good way to see his/her name on his/her barcode and break the ice;
  • your friend, spouse or a family member enjoys parkrunning and you, not so much, but while you are there to support someone special, you decided to make yourself useful;
  • you really want the milestone volunteer parkrun t-shirt;
  • you have a special talent for public speaking, photography, writing, journalism, communication, social media, IT, and would like to share your skills with the parkrun community;
  • you are a runner and have taken part in many events in the past where you have appreciated that others were volunteering and this is your way of giving back to the running community;
  • you are really, really cool!


No matter what your reason for volunteering with parkrun is, know that having you as a volunteer is truly appreciated.


We will hopefully have other volunteers joining our team, but you are, and will forever be, the dream team that was there from the very beginning, the core, the more experienced, those that were there from the launch and that will have seen Frédéric-Back parkrun grow strong.


Thank you Tracy, Jimena, Karen, Kelly, Marvin and Joon. You guys make my role so much easier. You are the best!


Valerie Gendron
Event Director
Frédéric Back parkrun, Canada
parkrunner A2394165

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