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A quick guide to dementia

Quick guide to dementia

What is dementia? Who can be affected by it? Is there a cure? Can it be prevented? Is there help available? Where can I find out more?


These are among the most frequently asked questions people have about dementia. Since answering them can be tricky, we’ve developed a handy, pocket-sized leaflet to help do just that.


Alongside the English version, we’ve also created leaflets in Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Arabic, Polish and Welsh. It’s part of a move by Alzheimer’s Research UK to try to raise awareness of dementia to as wide an audience as possible and reach many different communities – a value we share with parkrun.


The leaflet explains what dementia is and lists some of the potential early signs of the condition. It explains that dementia is very common ­– every day almost 600 people in the UK develop the condition –  but also highlights those who may be at higher risk and provides some basic advice on how to reduce your risk. There are also contact details for where you can get more help and information.


It is a recent addition to our wide selection of health information booklets and leaflets that are freely available to the general public. If you have a relative or friend who is living with dementia or worried about it, there are a lot of helpful resources available.


You can order the leaflet as well as more in-depth information booklets from our website at the following link.


If you would rather speak to someone about your concerns or would like more information, you can call our Infoline on 0300 111 5 111. Here our team can answer general questions about dementia and provide information on research and how you can get involved in it.

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