News - 1st February 2018

Welcoming Millbrook Beds and Aqua Optima


Good health and happiness go well beyond participating at parkrun at the weekend. It is important for us to promote healthy lifestyle choices throughout the week too, so we are very pleased to welcome two new supporters to the parkrun family who share our ambition.


Millbrook Beds is a British company passionate about the importance of good sleep, and Aqua Optima specialise in purer, filtered water.


Millbrook Beds aims to highlight the impact sleep quality has on every aspect of a person’s daily life, and has launched a national sleep study that collates sleep and lifestyle data of people of all ages. The company hopes to engage with parkrunners all over the UK to give sleep insights and share the benefits of a great night’s sleep.


Aqua Optima is one of the world’s leading water filtration technology brands, and is launching its first ever national campaign aimed at increasing the amount of water we drink. Its partnership with parkrun UK is the first of several awareness projects to help spearhead an increase in the nation’s hydration levels.


parkrun Chief Executive Officer Nick Pearson said: “As a global movement parkrun is dedicated to promoting healthy, holistic lifestyle choices that extend beyond physical activity. Increasingly it’s becoming clear that choosing to drink water, and ensuring we get a good night’s sleep, are important steps we can take to improve our health and wellbeing.


“We believe that good sleep is a critical and often overlooked element of good health and that is why we are excited to partner with Millbrook Beds, who are a leader in their industry, dedicated to demonstrating the importance of sleep.


“Water is an incredibly beneficial natural resource and the vast majority of us consume significantly lower amounts each day than we should. We are pleased to partner with Aqua Optima, an organisation that provides an affordable option to encourage people to stay hydrated and replace less healthy options with water.”


Mark Croll, Managing Director of Millbrook Beds said: “We are delighted to partner with parkrun UK, as our two companies both have a desire to see everyone living healthier lives. We know great quality sleep is important to good health and wellbeing and a great quality mattress is the key ingredient to that. A great night’s sleep makes you ready to get up and do something amazing on a Saturday morning such as a parkrun in the fresh air.”


Nigel Wheeler, director at Aqua Optima, said: “The majority of us know that we need to drink more water, but there are several barriers to this, one of the main ones being that many people simply don’t enjoy the taste of their tap water and question the quality of it. Water filters improve taste, quality and purity of your water and our innovative products offer people a cost effective and sustainable solution. We are committed to supporting the nation to become happy, healthy and hydrated and are delighted to partner with parkrun.”


Our commercial partners are vital in helping to ensure we can continue to deliver events for free, for everyone, forever, so please join us in welcoming both organisations.

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