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Running outdoors vs. the treadmill


With the snow and bad weather having affected many of our runs over the last couple of weeks, a lot of us have taken to the treadmill to get some miles in. Admittedly this doesn’t come with the same park views, fresh air or social aspect but there are some positives!


Here is a quick guide explaining the differences of running outdoors vs. on the treadmill and with some tips on how to make your treadmill workout most effective.


When running outdoors is not an option, is it worth running on the treadmill instead? Here’s what you need to know.


Many runners agree: you can’t beat that invigorating feeling of running outside in the fresh air. But sometimes, the weather or other factors make running outdoors impossible – even for the most devoted athletes.


On the other hand, there are those who love the dependability of the treadmill. Whether it’s a necessity or if you’ve always been a fan, the good news is that a treadmill workout can be useful and effective, especially if you keep a few key things in mind.


The benefits of outdoor running


Running outside has a slight edge over a treadmill workout. The arguments for outdoor running are hard to beat:


  • It is psychologically uplifting. Spending time outside has a proven mood-boosting effect (which is also very motivating).
  • It stimulates a variety of muscles and is more challenging. You can run both uphill and downhill. Running on varied terrain builds more muscle and develops balance and coordination.


Treadmills have advantages, too!


While outdoor running has a lot to offer, there are also reasons to opt for a treadmill workout. Treadmill running is beneficial because:


  • The weather can’t stop you.
  • You can choose from different programs and track your progress.


How to get a great treadmill workout


When using the treadmill, here’s how to ensure you get a quality workout:


  • Set the incline to at least 1%. This helps to mimic the conditions outdoors.
  • Make treadmills your speed-training tool. Think of treadmills as a convenient way to focus on speed training intervals. Experiment with the preset options or try out different speeds and inclines. Above all, challenge yourself.


Running has so many health benefits, the main thing is to have a running training plan that motivates you. Cultivating both exercise habits – treadmill and outdoor running – will give you the ultimate in flexibility, variety, and long-term fitness benefits.


And we know where we prefer to run – bring on the next parkrun!


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See you at your next parkrun!




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