News - 13th March 2018

Your BSL glossary of everything parkrun!

Signing at Huddersfield

This week we are celebrating Sign Language Week, hosted by British Deaf Association, and we have created a few video clips which make up a parkrun BSL glossary to share with you to mark the occasion! You can also find this blog translated into BSL here.


Over the past few weeks, parkrunner Wendy Scott, and parkrun’s Outreach Ambassador for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Philippa Wynne, have been pulling together a list of all things parkrun, and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Facebook group have gathered different signs for parkrun.


More than 10 different signers shared their ideas of different signs on the Facebook group, where they will be continuing with this until we cover as much parkrun jargon as possible! Please let us know via the group if anything has been missed out.


You can watch the video clips that we collected so far here - do not worry if your sign is different from the video as there are regional variations, and the video clips provided are just guidance for those who want to learn more to support their role as Sign Language Support volunteers at parkrun and other areas.


You can learn more about BSL at the British Deaf Association’s Sign Language Week website


If you or a friend or family member are affected by Deafness you can might want to join parkrun UK’s online community for Deaf and Hard of hearing parkrunners, which is nearly 800-members strong.


parkrun provides free-to- enter 5k events on Saturday mornings with a companion series of 2k events, junior parkrun, for 4-14 year olds on Sunday mornings. parkrun or junior parkrun is available at over 700 UK locations.


You’re free to run, jog or walk, there’s no time pressure and everyone is equally welcomed and celebrated. Our mission is to make the world a healthier, happier planet and we’re keen to welcome people who are Deaf or hard of hearing to our events. You can register here.

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