News - 31st July 2018

Vacation, Vacation, Hydration!

PRE_981 holiday water map v3

It’s no secret that higher temperatures mean our bodies need more hydration and when enjoying our holidays, it’s more important than ever to increase our water intake and consider how safe the tap water is.


On the map above, the blue areas depict safe tap water and the brown where you should take caution, but don’t panic! Hydration heroes, Aqua Optima are here to help…


TopTip 1: Filter with love

In countries with poor sanitation, we shouldn’t be drinking untreated tap water. This can be difficult as we use the water for everyday tasks such as brushing our teeth. Why not pack a water filter jug along with your holiday essentials; even if the water in your destination is guaranteed safe to drink, enhance its quality using our filter jug!


TopTip 2: Bottled or boiled

We understand when visiting your favourite restaurant on holiday, carrying a filter jug may not always be practical. However, by using a reusable bottle of filtered water on your travels or asking the waiter for boiled water you can combat this issue whilst on the go!


TopTip 3: Ice isn’t nice

Don’t fall for this obvious mistake! We all know when gazing down the drinks list, an iced delight is always the most tempting! But always remember, if the water isn’t safe, it’s more than likely that the ice isn’t either, always check that the ice is made using purified water.


TopTip 4: Food for thought

It’s not just about what you drink, always try to choose recently prepared food that is served piping hot including boiled vegetables and avoiding uncooked fruits, vegetables and salads such as lettuce, which will have been washed in contaminated water.


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