News - 7th August 2018

Eight runners, 1,400k and a whole lot of grit (25)

Ever wondered what it would be like to run the length of this beautiful island? Or even if it is possible?


Well we have eight runners from Australia who have done just that in JUST 12 DAYS! Read on to find out what inspired them to take on the gruelling challenge.


Led by fitness trainer Jamie Milne, the runners ran in relay groups of two and covered an incredible 1,400k. And they even had the time and energy to run the Carlisle parkrun during day seven of the challenge.


The challenge, which was raising money for Dementia Australia and Alzheimer’s Research UK, was the 10th anniversary of the Many Miles for Mary campaign, which was launched by Jamie in memory of his grandmother.


Jamie’s grandmother, Mary, who was from Scotland, passed away in the late 1990s having lived with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. Each year since 2009 Jamie has taken on an extreme running challenge in her honour, raising more than £50,000 for charity.


Previous challenges include running 892km from Wellington to Auckland in 2011 and the 960km circumference of Tasmania in 2015. His most extreme challenge was in 2016 when he ran up to 80km a day for 17 days, starting at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne and finishing at his training facility in Warana on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


Jamie, who runs at the Golden Beach parkrun in Queensland, said: “Many Miles for Mary is a tribute to my Nanny who was the true essence of the word lady. For all the goodness in my personality and character, my values, principles and love, I accredit to my grandparents, especially my Nanny Mary.


“She left this world lonely and scared, and at the time I didn’t know what to do. Now for two to three months every year I hear people speak her name, I tell my story, and I give so freely of myself for a purpose greater then myself, just like she did. MMFM is my way of honouring her precious memory.”


For more information on taking on a running challenge for Alzheimer’s Research UK click here.


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