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Four reasons why we should be staying hydrated this winter

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We all feel the need to take on more water over the summer months, with warmer weather and the majority of the population motivated to exercise more regularly. However, for many of us, this dramatically declines over winter. We don’t tend to feel the thirst as much in the cooler months, although it is more important than ever to keep our bodies hydrated!



Our supporters at Aqua Optima have four reasons to keep healthy and hydrated with our H20 this winter…



1. Stay immune from sickness

The winter months are definitely a testing time for our bodies with flu season and the contagious common cold. When our bodies are hydrated, this ensures that barriers used to protect our bodies from infections are fully functioning*.



2. Raise the energy!

Dark mornings and cold evenings definitely make us feel as though we are losing our sleep. If you’re partial to an afternoon slump of energy and reach for a quick caffeine fix, then water is all you need! Mild dehydration is a common cause of fatigue; make sure you keep a refillable bottle of fresh drinking water at hand to keep you alert and full of energy throughout the day.



3. Improved taste means improved hydration
At Aqua Optima we filter with love, meaning that water impurities are significantly reduced through the filtration system. If you think this is a good idea, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for the chance to win a hydration kit lasting 12 months with our Aqua Optima competitions!



4. Save your skin
The drop in temperature can really take its toll on your skin. This, along with the dry air created from heating indoors can cause your skin to really dehydrate. Taking on enough H20 is crucial to removing impurities in your body, ensuring your skin cells are continuously healthy and hydrated.



For further information follow Facebook @AquaOptima and Twitter @PurerWaterFast

* Water logic

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