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The Pirates Club!

Ahoy matey, it’s time to find your sea legs because we’re off to sail the seven seas!   Batten down the hatches, for the latest instalment of the parkrun Tourism Series we discover The Pirates Club!   That’s the tourist challenge involving completing seven parkruns beginning with the letter C, and one starting with the letter R. Or…

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Give your mind and body an MOT

The newly established National Longevity Day (19 February) was created to act as a reminder for you to keep looking after your body, keep thinking about the impact of your diet, and take an active interest in your health; our friends at Healthspan provide some advice on where you should start on your journey to a…

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parkrunning on civvy street

Paul Nutter served in the British Army as part of the Royal Engineers from 1987 – 2001. Paul explains how his local Hyde parkrun has been a crucial part in regaining his fitness since leaving the forces.   Since I left the forces, the weight piled on, I wasn’t doing much, it was just all work…

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Can you name any key risk factors for dementia? Half of the population can’t…

Can you identify any of six known factors that increase the risk of dementia and the one factor that helps protect against the condition?   If you know them all, well done! According to our recent survey you are among just 1% of UK adults who have this knowledge. But even if you can name…

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parkrun profile: Riverfront

Riverfront parkrun takes place in the Welsh town of Newport, Gwent.   Lisa Nicholls from Riverfront parkrun tells us more about her home event…     We have two co-event directors at Riverfront parkrun, two people who both started parkrun as part of the couch 2 5k programme back in 2015.   We have never looked…

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parkrun profile: Lymington Woodside

Lymington Woodside parkrun takes place every Saturday in Lymington in Hampshire.   Event Director Tony Miles tells us more…   When I became involved in setting up our parkrun in 2016, I had no intention whatsoever of becoming Event Director, it just happened to me somehow along the way, but I can honestly say it has been one of…

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Bad break doesn’t stop Sean’s marathon effort

As runners many of you will have had to deal with injuries and it’s so frustrating when you are out of action.   But take inspiration from Sean McGibney who’s had a remarkable recovery from a broken leg which put a halt on his fundraising challenge to run 80 half-marathons in eight months.   Sean…
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Refusing to throw in the towel

Phil Seymour is a professional sports MC, a role that has seen him involved in Super League, the Rugby League World Cup, boxing at Wembley, and major snooker tournaments.   But whilst Phil may be used to the big stage and performing in front of a huge crowd with a microphone in his hand, he explains how…

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Check your mood for the winter blues

Our friends at Healthspan give us some top tips on how to manage your mood during the winter months.   As winter fully rolls in and January has been and gone, there’s more temptation to stay close to the fire and spend longer under our covers where it’s nice and cosy; it’s important to remember that…

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parkrun profile: Exmouth

The coastal Exmouth parkrun can be found in Devon, in the south west of England.   Simon & Lisa Minting tell us more about their home event…     We were introduced to parkrun back in 2013 by Simon’s father and once we had completed our first parkrun, we were hooked!   In 2015, Simon…

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