Kelly Barton and Simon
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An enormous sense of satisfaction

I am 40 years old (I still can’t believe I’m 40!) and have always been registered blind due to being severely sight impaired. I have absolutely no vision in my right eye, but am very fortunate to have a tiny amount of sight in my left eye.   To give an idea of what this…

Neil Cole
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A unique milestone

My first memory of 2015 is from 8 January. It’s of my family standing around my bed in a hospital room, trying to explain to me what had happened. Not a lot was sinking in as I was still heavily sedated, but they were telling me that I’d collapsed on New Year’s Day, that I’d been…

Emma Benstead
Read more › News - 17th February 2017

A life changing decision

I was in a car accident when I was a child, resulting in part of the inside of my foot being crushed. My big toe has no bone and doesn’t function as a big toe, which impacts my stability and balance.   On top of that, in 2012 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and…

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We are hiring!

From quiet beginnings, parkrun has grown to be a major force in grassroots physical activity and community engagement.   In order to support our growth, we are seeking to appoint a dazzling Digital Communications Coordinator to join the team in London. Are you passionate about parkrun? Fanatical about finding solutions? Made to manage multiple projects…

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The parkrun Anti-Bullying Policy

Last year we saw loads of brilliant young people step forward and volunteer to be a part of the parkrun youth panel. Their very first assignment was to send in ideas for what they’d like to be included in an Anti-Bullying Policy.   After considering the many thoughtful and clever suggestions we received, parkrun’s Safeguarding Lead, Clare Fowler,…

aruk warren1
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The real-life Notebook

In honour of Valentine’s Day we’d like to tell you about a devoted couple who hit the headlines this week.   Chris Warren, 72, and his wife Hilary Warren, 69, are still head over heels in love after 50 years, despite not always being able to remember who each other are.   Chris and Hilary…

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Always prepared for parkrun with Intersport 

As parkrun numbers continue to climb, it’s clear to us at Intersport that a few cold mornings can do nothing to dampen the fantastic parkrun spirit. With the right gear, you’ve been running your weekly 5K through wind, drizzle and frost, and we’re sure that post-parkrun cuppa has never been more welcome.    We’re particularly…

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Feedback from the Field

Saturday was one of my good parkrun friends Caroline Thorpe’s 50th parkrun. Caroline can’t be at parkrun every Saturday due to working for the emergency services so Saturday was extra special. I encouraged lots of us to wear our own 50 tees at Huddersfield parkrun to support her on her 50th run. Here she is…

Tommy Hill
Read more › News - 11th February 2017

Opening the door

Shortly before I moved to Birmingham in 2013, the Equality Network in Scotland published a report called ‘Out for Sport’. The research focused on the negative impact that homophobia and transphobia has on the number of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender people (LGBT) taking part in sport.   The findings made sobering reading. 57% of…

Jess and PSH
Read more › News - 9th February 2017

A truly surreal experience

When I was young, some of my friends joined a basketball club and I went along too. I was not very tall and I was very skinny so I was really rubbish at it!   What I did fall in love with from day one though was athletics. My earliest memory of it is from…

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