Plymouth Uni knee study
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A survey of running-related injuries in the UK

parkrunners are being invited to take part in the following research: ‘A survey of running-related injuries in the UK’. This study is being carried out by Researchers from the University of the West of Scotland (Dr Stephanie Valentin) and the University of Edinburgh (Linda Linton).   The purpose of this study is to gather information…

David Parker credit Ken Douglas
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The long road to incredible things

David Parker from Rushmere parkrun was 11 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.   Faced with the lifelong management of a condition he had never heard of, which in 1984 meant two insulin injections a day from a manual syringe and little warning of a dangerously low blood sugar level, David was determined…

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A parkrun mile

Hi, I’m Helen Hood, Head of Event Delivery at parkrun UK, and last weekend I joined a sea of apricot in the parkrun wave of the Westminster Mile.   In the Hood household it’s an annual highlight and the fourth year we’ve taken part as a family, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  …

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Re-building my confidence

Maggie Bowes from Leamington parkrun is a Visually Impaired parkrunner who completed her 90th parkrun at the weekend.   Saturday’s run may not have earned Maggie a milestone shirt but, following a bad fall a month earlier, it was a milestone run for so many reasons. On Saturday, I along with 387 others went to Leamington…

parkgym Enniskillen_900x416
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Thanks to the parkrun community from Intersport

A couple of weeks ago we asked for your help at Intersport for a little research into park gyms. We wanted to know who had a gym in their local park, and who used it! A big thanks to those in the parkrun community who snapped a pic of their #parkgym for us, including Heather…

pr-andy-morris (002)
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A message from Andy Morris, a parkrun Champion for Dementia

As a parkrun Champion for Dementia (volunteer) I work with a small team with an objective to make parkrun more accessible to people living with dementia, their families and carers. I got involved with this initiative because of my own experience of dementia.   There are three pictures in this post. On the left is…

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Keep striving for your goals

You know how sometimes in life things just come together? Well I wanted to share with you my story on how I find myself representing Great Britain in my age group this weekend at the European Aquathlon Championships in Slovakia. This was my personal goal, and perhaps it will help inspire you to achieve yours… …

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Research study about flow

Alicia Plaza is a Sport & Exercise Psychology student who is investigating the experience of flow. Or, as it is most commonly known: “being in the zone”.   Flow is an enjoyable experience occurring when people engage in challenging activities and are absorbed by the experience. It is also associated with enjoyment and peak performance. Knowing more about…

Ben Parker
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Never give up

In the summer of 2000, my brother Ben fell out of first floor window. He was in his early twenties.   Ben suffered a severe head injury, broken ribs and, unbeknown at the time, a broken back. He had a large bleed to the brain and had to have a large clot removed.   We…

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Proud to not get a PB

Hi, I’m Clare Fowler and I am Safeguarding Lead at parkrun UK. In my role as Safeguarding Lead, I hear too many reports of pushy parents who have become preoccupied with their children getting a PB, so I was absolutely delighted when this popped in to my inbox:   I want to tell you all…

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