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Our parkrun week in pictures, September 8th 2018

In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find parkrunners getting it done, whatever challenges might stand in their way. We reveal our 90,000th finisher – perhaps it was you? And we discover new ways of enjoying your Saturday morning parkrun.     At College Park parkrun overnight storms created some new “water features” on the course, but…

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A healthy transformation

The creation of Depot Park on a former polluted industrial site has led a transformation of part of Gainesville, FL. Starting September 29th, Depot Park parkrun is a new event that will add to the park’s role in building health and community in Gainesville.   Depot Park parkrun is a timed 5k in the park…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, September 1st 2018

It was summer’s last stand at parkruns around the country this week. We found you celebrating new families, big families, birthdays, milestones, and more. A special shout out this week to our tailwalkers, the folks who honor our you-will-not-finish-last-at-parkrun guarantee.     Kensington parkrun was brought to you this week by 12 members of the Lunsford…

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Summer Summary

With Labor Day behind us, we can look back on a busy summer for parkrun USA. We had more and more people getting involved, more friendships made, more communities getting healthy together, and more going on behind the scenes to bring parkrun to new US communities.   For good measure, we included some of our…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 25th 2018

There’s only one parkrun to go before Labor Day weekend and the “official” end of summer. But, we know that the warm fuzzy feelings we get from seeing new friendships form and parkruns thriving will keep us toasty through the fall and winter seasons.     Lauren & Anna look really excited about finishing their…

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Fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds. A time achieved by 9 parkrunners across the country since parkrun began in the US. Until last weekend.   Despite a stopwatch malfunction that caused 194 runners at Clermont Waterfront in Florida to be assigned a 59:59 time, everyone still had a great experience and event leaders received…

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Nobody left behind

Over a post-parkrun coffee last winter, one parkrunner commented, “My body is falling apart!” A newcomer to the group chimed in, “Let me show you what that really means.”   Neil Jograj really knows what it means for a body to be struggling, after confronting many issues following a 20-year military career. But he is…

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Dale Rose: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Recently, Crissy Field parkrun posted the following on its Facebook page:   “Special thanks to Dale Rose. This week he volunteered for the 150th time at Crissy Field. Almost everyone who has run has been welcomed, briefed, timed and photographed by Dale. Thanks!”   We found out more about the man who is the welcoming…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 18th 2018

In this week’s roundup from across parkrun USA we celebrate — and share — our beautiful venues. We welcome new family members, and we take a sneak peek at communities that can look forward to a local parkrun of their own in the not too distant future.     Severe recent flooding damaged some key…

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Island Friendships

This week Roosevelt Island parkrun turns 2, on the same day that the National Parks Service turns 102. You only share your birthday party with your best friends, right? Well, that’s what these two are doing. Joyce Adams, RI parkrun co-event director, looks back on the past year and the many different friendships formed.  …