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Kendra’s Milestone

Kendra Phillips wears a lot of labels: police recruit, Boston Marathon finisher, mom, cancer survivor, Californian, lover of scones (especially chocolate chip), and parkrunner, to name just a few.  There’s one label that she had to retire when she first moved to Durham, North Carolina: solo runner.   “I never used to run with other…

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Ani’s Run for the Record

parkrun’s ethos encourages us to celebrate every personal success as we seek to make running more accessible to all. We’re more likely to acknowledge the wacky achievements of globe-trotting parkrun tourists, the quirky milestones, and the “pretty” finish times than the occasional extraordinary sporting feats that take place in our runs. Sometimes, however, we report – in…

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There’s a new parkrun on the block!

Eagan, Minnesota is the latest pin on the parkrun USA map! Eagan parkrun starts April 22, in Thomas Lake Park. Eagan is a town in the metropolitan area of the the Twin Cities, “only” a 10-hour drive from Livonia, MI, 11 hours from Mansfield, OH or, for that matter, just a 3 hour flight from San…

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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, reminds us our partner, the American Cancer Society (ACS).  As with many types of cancer, physical inactivity increases a person’s chance of developing colorectal cancer. In fact, there are many lifestyle-related factors you can change to reduce your risk: the links between diet, weight, and exercise and colorectal cancer…

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Records Tumble in February

Last summer’s high turnouts are old news in the US. parkruns broke attendance records in three out of four Saturdays – in February! 1663 runners and walkers completed the 31 events that took place last month, along with 259 volunteers.   The last weekend of February, an unseasonably warm one for over half of the…

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Milestones – and More

Warm February weather across the East Coast brought enthusiasm, higher attendance, and plenty of individual and collective achievements:   Crissy Field hosted 65 youth from across the Bay, members of Running for a Better Oakland. Their participation in parkrun 107, on February 2nd, helped propel the event to a record 134 athletes. Four stalwarts achieved their 50 run milestones:  Philip Gadd, Lucy…

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parkrun Volunteering: the Tail Runner

In this edition of the newsletter we focus on one particular volunteer role: the Tail Runner.  This is the person you see in the photographs with a hi-vis vest on, at the back of the field, taking the title of ‘last parkrunner’ at each run.   The tail runner’s duty job description is easy to explain, and very…

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parkrunning with Dogs

Dogs get you into the outdoors. Regularly. So does parkrun. This makes them a natural match. Few other running events welcome dogs. So for dog owners parkrun is extra special. At many parkrun USA events, dogs are part of the parkrun family.   Scout is an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) who is among the regulars…

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Mansfield OH parkrun: put it on your list

Colin Phillips, Co-Event Director at College Park parkrun, tries his hand at some parkrun tourism in Mansfield, OH and, for good measure, sets a (likely fleeting…) course record on their inaugural run. Mansfield, Ohio probably wasn’t on your tourism bucket list, but for parkrunners it now should be. With a crack team of volunteers in…

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parkrun partners with the American Cancer Society

parkrun USA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS), to promote the importance of regular physical activity as a part of a healthy lifestyle.   A healthy lifestyle is an important part of cancer prevention, has positive effects for those in treatment, and improves survivorship outcomes. The new ACS…