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Wear your barcode!


You’ve seen these before, usually on the arms of parkrunners from abroad: parkrun wristbands, printed with each athlete’s unique barcode id. parkrun wristbands eliminate the problem of forgetting your barcode at home or dealing with a post-run disintegrating wet paper barcode. Keep it on your wrist all the time to proudly display your affiliation with parkrun, and to remind you throughout the week that you have plans for Saturday morning.


parkrun wristbands are now available in the US! Until recently, wristbands did not ship to this country, but the Australian producer Bent Logic, has recently added the US to its shipping list.


Wristbands are sold at 19.96 AUD (Australian Dollars, currently about 16 USD), and ship to US addresses for an additional 21 AUD for orders up to 40 bands. The shipping fee doubles the price of a single order ($19.96+21), but a bulk order drives the unit cost significantly down, so you may want to organize and pool your local parkrun group before placing an order.


Please note that Bent Logic is not affiliated with parkrun. parkrun is and will always be free, and you can continue to use the paper barcode straight out of your printer. Print as many as you like and spread them around: in your shoes, wallet, car… Better yet, laminate your paper barcode for extra durability. Some venues have made laminators available during events. But now you no longer have a reason to give parkrun tourists’ wrist that envious look!

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