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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 1st 2017


We love Thanksgiving because it is all about family and friends. In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we celebrate the different ways that families are supporting each other and their communities. Thanksgiving is also about travel, and so we find parkrunners showing up in unexpected places, and meeting more of their parkrun USA family.



At Livonia parkrun 11 members of the Dolowy/O’Donohue family celebrated Thanksgiving by doing a 5k together. Fortunately it was free.

This may be a record for parkrun USA. (If it is not, we’d love to hear from you.)




Turkey day! Eagan parkrun was one of the two US events to offer a special Thanksgiving morning parkrun. 

Thanksgiving is the biggest running day of the year, so we may offer more Thanksgiving parkruns in future years.




To add a little variety to the two-parkrun week, on Thanksgiving morning they ran the route at Eagan parkrun in reverse.




At Clermont parkrun Hector Clemente did his 98th and 99th parkruns. But even more satisfying was to see his daughters Carmen and Cristina do their 1st and 9th parkruns.




At the new Renton parkrun near Seattle Oscar Myre IV did his first ever parkrun, then ran back to encourage his dad, Oscar Myre III.




At College Park parkrun Kidus and his mom Misrak are regulars, with 26 parkruns between them. This week they persuaded dad Alex Haile to join them for the second time. Of course, dad went and set a PB.




At Deep Run parkrun the Niklawskis were out in force for their first family parkrun. Dad Kile ran with Zach, and mom Rainey ran with daughter Arielle.




At College Park parkrun Wei Chen took over the token distribution role, so that husband Jay Bao could run. She had a great time.




And at Renton parkrun co-event director Cathryn Burby did her first stint as Run Director, with support from husband Jon.


Cathryn and Jon recently moved across country to Seattle from the Washington DC area, and they have met so many new friends through parkrun.




Joyce Adams, co-event director at Roosevelt Island parkrun, was visiting family in central Florida for Thanksgiving. So she called in on Clermont parkrun, where she got to meet Daniel Whitehouse, her counterpart at Clermont.




Four-legged parkrun tourists!


Foxy visited College Park parkrun together with Eden Grey. They are regulars at Roosevelt Island parkrun. Foxy’s big PB was thanks to Moose, who visited with Rob Rhoton from Deep Run parkrun. Foxy even tweets about her parkrun fun at @foxyparkruns.




Steve Goetzinger recently relocated from DC to the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. He was a regular runner and volunteer at College Park parkrun, so it was great to discover a new parkrun family at Durham, NC parkrun.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun it was the parkrun equivalent of a big family feast, as they were joined by many runners from their sister event Roosevelt Island parkrun.




Mary, Stacey, Chrissy, and Crystal enjoyed a great morning running together at Leakin Park parkrun, where Thanksgiving Saturday brought a new attendance record.




At Mansfield OH parkrun it seemed that everybody was wearing red. This is because parkrun teamed up with the local Y for their 5K in support of the big Ohio State vs. Michigan football showdown. Even some of the four-legged parkrunners got into the pre-game spirit.




Isaac Baldrige had the nerve to show up to Mansfield OH parkrun’s Buckeye-themed parkrun in Michigan livery. But he was still made to feel very welcome.




At Crissy Field parkrun Joel Rizzo became the first person to run that event 100 times.


Joel is often the last person to finish, as his favorite volunteer role is tailwalker.




At the new Moberly parkrun in Missouri, they welcomed their first official parkrun tourists. Moberly is off the beaten track, so this is noteworthy.


And how fitting that the tourists were Dale and Carol Rose. Dale is a key member of the team that welcomes hundreds of parkrun tourists to Crissy Field parkrun.


Dale has volunteered 230 times at parkrun, and has run only 8 times. But he is now the first person to complete all 3 parkruns in the Central time zone.




The record turnout at Leakin Park parkrun was thanks in part to the Gottesmans, who all joined the run while visiting from Boston.


Leakin Park parkrun is currently the closest parkrun to Boston, 400 miles away. But soon the Gottesmans won’t have to drive so far. Next week (Dec 2) sees the first informal trial run by the team that’s working to bring parkrun to Jamaica Pond, a beautiful setting in the south of Boston. To find out more and get involved, check out Let’s get parkrun to Jamaica Pond.




See you next week.







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