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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 8th 2017


We are moved and inspired by this week’s stories from across parkrun USA. If you’re looking at the top of the results table for the stories, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. Well, mostly. And in a week that set a new parkrun USA volunteering record, the volunteers have stories to tell, too.



At College Park parkrun a parkrunner quipped about how his body was falling apart. Enrique: “Let me show you what that really means.” Enrique was in a chemical weapons attack in Iraq. His bones are being eaten away, and he was told he would never walk again. Julie is visually impaired, so Enrique guides her. Today they ran the 5k together in 40 minutes. 

We are humbled by their positive approach to life.



At Anacostia parkrun tailwalker Jennifer Flather was so proud to be accompanied by Edward Linn on his first parkrun.



At Crissy Field parkrun Michael Hiscott recorded the fastest ever parkrun by a US-based parkrunner. 15:02 is speedy.

But the story continues …


Also at Crissy Field parkrun, Luca Duhigg celebrated his 10th parkrun by outsprinting his mom, Lisa Duhigg.



Luca and Lisa took twice as long to run the 5k than the first finisher.


But look who was the first person to welcome them at the finish.



Not satisfied with reaching his 10-parkrun milestone, Luca then proceeded to jump in as finish token volunteer. Thanks Luca!


There were other young volunteers at Crissy Field parkrun this week. What to do if you’re a regular parkrunner who injures your arm? If you’re Benjamin you offer to help as tailwalker.


Probably best to have your dad carry the signs, though.



At Roosevelt Island parkrun Paul Heran tried his hand at run directing for the first time. Ably assisted by his wife Lynda. And by 79-year old Rosemary Schwartzbard, who completed her 10th parkrun on the same day that she reached the 25-time volunteering milestone. Thank you all!


Special delivery!


At College Park parkrun Yelena and George, from Maryland Special Olympics, escorted Jake Foley, who was carrying a surprise for one of the course marshals.



Course marshal Hump Plotts was confused when the first few runners offered congratulations as they passed him at College Park parkrun. All became clear when one of the runners showed up carrying the parkrunner of the month award.

Hump never runs, always volunteers. In all weathers, always with a smile. He is such a fixture that they named part of the course after him.



At Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore Ed and Jo Orser volunteered for the 25th time.


Ed and Jo have dedicated their lives to the Baltimore community. The University of Maryland Baltimore County even created a “Center for the Study of Community, Place, and Culture” that bears their name. So they are delighted to work with parkrun to bring the community to Leakin Park.



At Crissy Field parkrun Hector Clemente reached his 100 parkrun milestone.


The official records show that Hector has volunteered around 50 times. But as the architect of Clermont’s impressive parkrun photo archive, we suspect that’s an underestimate.


At Durham, NC parkrun Sharlene Flahiff celebrated her 50-parkrun milestone. As is the tradition at Durham, they created a group photo as a memento.


Anton Cossack earned his black 100 parkrun shirt while living in Wales, so he has been thrilled to discover a growing parkrun family at Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.


The largest parkrun in the continent this week was also the oldest. That’s Livonia parkrun in Michigan, and it’s thanks in large part to the kids from Beechview Elementary School who took part in parkrun as the culmination of a school program. The kids also brought along a group of volunteers, and set up a mid-point water station for the parkrunners.


Ian and Michelle have tried out different DC-area parkruns, but they now seem to have found their home. And so they’re enjoying bringing friends along to Anacostia parkrun.


We like to say that it’s a run, not a race. So it’s fitting that Oscar, Jon, and Jayden chose to be first finishers together at Renton parkrun.


This was from last week’s second Thanksgiving weekend parkrun at Clermont parkrun, where the usual clear sunshine was replaced with fog.


It was a frosty morning at Mansfield OH parkrun, but everybody soon warmed up.


The frost also made for a beautiful start to the weekend at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.


At Eagan parkrun in Minnesota event director Nate Damro was a proud dad. He joined his son Noah as he reached his 10 parkrun milestone, on the same day that he himself ran Eagan parkrun for the 10th time.


It was a perfect fall morning at Durham, NC parkrun.


And the trees in Rothwell Park make it a lovely setting for Moberly parkrun.


We love this piece of creative parkrun promotion. A team of volunteers from Mansfield OH parkrun decorated this tree at Kingwood Center Gardens with pictures of parkrunners keeping active in all seasons.


There are no parkruns yet in New England. But a dedicated team has been working to bring parkrun to Jamaica Pond in Boston, and this weekend they had their first informal community-building run. It looks like a great place to run.



And if the Consul General of the UK says that it’s a fun time, then who are we to argue!


Informal Saturday morning runs will continue as the team works towards an official launch in the coming months.



It seems that everybody wants to know what is going on at their local parkrun. This bald eagle checked out one of our events this weekend.


Who did you meet at YOUR parkrun this week?






















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