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Our parkrun week in pictures, December 15th 2017


Winter arrived this weekend across many parkrun USA events, in the form of snow, fog, or slightly cooler rain. But this didn’t keep parkrunners from coming together with old and new friends. And it certainly isn’t stopping teams from working to bring parkrun to new parts of the country. The Rockies and New England should be two of the next regions to join in the fun.



In some parts of the parkrun world snow caused cancellations galore this weekend. But it was just another late fall day at Eagan parkrun in Minnesota.



Some creative marketing at Livonia parkrun in Michigan. Good work on the lower-case ‘p’. We suspect they will have many more chances to perfect their technique in the months ahead.



At Leakin Park parkrun you cross this bridge 4 times in the course of 5k.


Having a year-round event is revealing the beauty of this large urban park in so new ways every week.



At Renton parkrun the turn-around marshals appeared like welcoming yellow ghosts in the thick fog.



“I hadn’t run for 50 years since I left the Army.”


Well, that was until parkrun came to Maryland just over a year ago. At College Park parkrun they celebrated Gus Campbell’s 50th parkrun. Gus is one of the most regular parkrunners at both College Park and Leakin Park parkrun. Gus was joined for the celebration by two daughters, two son-in-laws, and a grandson.



First add frosting, then add a layer of snow.



At Anacostia parkrun the snow started falling during the run, but Jen Edmond was thrilled to get to run the event for the first time.


Jen is co-Event Director. She was also first finisher on Saturday.



Just a couple of miles away at Roosevelt Island parkrun the Russians were completely ready for the weather.


For safety reasons, the team adjusted the route to avoid the slick boardwalk. They did not want to have to fish any parkrunners from the icy Potomac.



We love all of our volunteers, but some of them are especially adorable.


Foxy helped with barcode scanning at Roosevelt Island parkrun.



At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun the falling snow didn’t dampen the spirits of the kids from Key Elementary School who joined for the run.



At Mansfield OH parkrun Diana rang the bell in honor of her friend Celia, who inspired her as a runner and recently passed away after a battle with cancer.



Not a snowflake in sight at Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco, where you could find the largest gathering of parkrunners on the continent this weekend.



Rissie Thieler ran the very first Clermont parkrun in 2013. Now 74 years old, she ran her 100th parkrun this weekend at Clermont’s 208th event. Congratulations, Rissie.



Our favorite parkrun tourism story of the week.


Julie Messina started parkrunning at parkrun Brighton and Hove (530 events strong), and upon returning to the US she created Durham, NC parkrun (228 events). This weekend Julie did a parkrun in her native Maryland for the first time, joining the 25th Leakin Park parkrun.


Better yet, the Event Director at Leakin Park is Julie’s childhood friend Doug Jones.



In the fog at Renton parkrun Colin Phillips became the first person to do 10 different US parkruns.


Colin traveled over 14,000 miles to do that, but with lots of new events in the pipeline, parkrun USA tourism is getting easier all the time.



For example, up in Boston the Jamaica Pond parkrun crew is now meeting every week for trial runs, to build local community ahead of a launch in the coming months.


They’re also practicing the post-run coffee meetups.



But your next parkrun USA event is going to be far from New England. Currently, there are no parkrun USA events in the Mountain Time Zone, but not for much longer.


Look out for details on trial runs and official launch date for a new event in this town, where they know a thing or two about running.



See you next week.



















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