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Our parkrun week in pictures, January 12th 2018

fletchers 2 FEATURE IMAGE

Our extreme weather in the USA continued this week forcing 7 of our 15 events to cancel parkrun last weekend. But even a “bomb cyclone” couldn’t stop some runners! Read on to find out which event went ahead with one inspiring parkrunner who ran across snow in sub-freezing temperatures with only one leg!

Crissy 3

Crissy Field parkrun Run Director Dale was facing into the sun as he addressed the group of runners and needed sunglasses — wish the rest of us had this problem! This was Crissy Field’s 154th event and with a turnout of 100 runners.


mansfield 1

With ridiculously cold weather Mansfield OH parkrun, they still managed to see 7 parkrunners across the finish line. For extra credit: this volunteer crew figured out a way for runners to start and finish inside a building!


renton 2

Robert attended Renton parkrun for the first time last weekend to celebrate and support his daughter Abby for her birthday parkrun. He also ran with his granddaughter Jocelynn and they playfully crossed the finish line together.


college park 3

Our wonderful volunteers at College Park parkrun came in behind the pack making sure everyone finished the event without complications. The team had an incredible five offers to be tail walker! Pictured are Diana, Anna, Jules, and Enrique.


livonia 3

From Tim Gallagher at Livonia parkrun: “It was very cold in Livonia, but the sun was out and the wind was minimal. Here is a picture of Chris and Ray with their frozen beards and eyebrows. As you run your breath condenses and freezes on your face in the cold air.”


Heritage Harbor 1

At Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun in Illinois, one tenacious parkrunner registered under the name of Juan Leg (could be his superhero name?) wasn’t going to let some -28 weather or a bit of snow stop him! We are so incredibly inspired by Juan’s skill, athleticism, effort, and dedication. Today was his third parkrun since registering for parkrun one month ago.


Heritage Harbor 2


fletchers 2

Runners at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun reported some friendly taunts from the hockey players on the canal who shouted out, “You’re nuts!” to the runners as they passed. We think we have a case of the “dalmatian calling the leopard spotty”!

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