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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 9th 2018


In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find communities creatively responding to frigid temps. We find unexpected gifts, and unexpected visitors. We find some who got bit by the parkrun bug a dozen years ago, some who tried their first parkrun this weekend, and others who are working on bringing a parkrun event to their community.




Congratulations, Shannon. You just completed your first ever parkrun, on a frigid morning at Roosevelt Island parkrun.


Not only do we guarantee that you won’t finish last at parkrun, our tailwalkers love meeting you and enjoying a stroll with you.




“Hey, the finish is over here!”


Volunteering at parkrun with your parents is a great family activity. At Crissy Field parkrun.




They had some stylish young volunteers at Deep Run parkrun, too.




In the Twin Cities last weekend, there was some big football game happening. And there was also Eagan parkrun. 


Cost of bringing the Super Bowl to your city: maybe $500M. You get a busy weekend and a new stadium.


Cost of bringing parkrun to your community: $5k, volunteers, and an existing park. It’s a gift that keeps on giving every weekend. Forever. Even in the Minnesota winter.




So you’re the mayor, and your mom visits from Wisconsin, 900 miles away. So what do you show her in your fine city? Why, the parkrun, of course.


Welcome back to College Park parkrun, Karen Wojahn. And congrats to Patrick Wojahn on his 30th parkrun.




The course at Mansfield OH parkrun is magical. It feels smooth and flat in the first half, and then it’s downhill on the return.


But we barely recognize the trail without snow.




Joe Gladue became the second person to reach 20 runs at Leakin Park parkrun. In the last 21 weeks, Joe has run 20 times, and one more week he did a “freedom” run when the event was canceled due to icy trails.




There’s a growing community Saturday mornings on the Riverwalk Trail in Southeast DC, at Anacostia parkrun.




This week at College Park parkrun both Ben and Violet celebrated birthdays, and brought friends along. Neither knew of the other’s birthday, but brought an unexpected gift in any case.


Ben’s unexpected gift to Violet on her 9th birthday. He brought her favorite post-run treats. Violet’s unexpected gift to Ben. She brought herself. This meant that her dad, perennial first finisher, ran with her, and Ben got to be first finisher on his 43rd birthday.


Happy Birthday to both!




Despite the cold, it was a beautiful morning for a run at Durham, NC parkrun.




Stopping to show the turnaround marshal that his efforts are appreciated at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun.




Moms run this parkrun. 


For Rachel and Sarah, from Moms Run This Town, Catonsville, it’s 3 weeks, three times at Leakin Park parkrun, and 3 PBs. Nice!




A creative solution to the Michigan winter for volunteers at Livonia parkrun.




This was last week at Clermont parkrun in Florida, where the locals wrapped up warm, and the parkrun tourists dressed for summer. It was 58 degrees.




Moberly parkrun had an unexpected visitor this week: their first international parkrun tourist. Mark Thomas, from southwest London, visited as a side trip on a work visit to Austin, TX, a mere 800 miles away.


Mark knows a thing or two about parkrun growth. When he did his first parkrun in 2005, in London’s Bushy Park, the event was not yet called parkrun, and the “worldwide” participation for the weekend was just 33.




There were other early parkrunners in action at parkrun USA this weekend. Leigh Stevens also got her start at Bushy parkrun, 12 years ago today. Now based in the Seattle area, Leigh had her first try at being run director this weekend at Renton parkrun.




More southwest Londoners. Norm Driskell appeared at Durham, NC parkrun, where he celebrated his 250th different parkrun venue. 


Norm’s 236 different UK parkruns make him the 9th most traveled UK parkrunner. His 6 different US parkruns make him the 10th most traveled US parkrunner.




It’s not only the kids that get to pull out their favorite hats and gloves when things turn cold. Janet enjoyed her Saturday morning run at Roosevelt Island parkrun.




International summit. parkrun USA country manager Darrell Stanaford met up with parkrun Russia country manager Maxim Egorov at parkrun Timiryazevsky.




This week saw the 60,000th finisher at a parkrun USA event. It was John Ramsey, who was 32nd finisher in his 32nd run at College Park parkrun.


It was this week a year ago that parkrun USA reached 30,000 runs. Getting to that point had taken from 2012 to 2017. Word is spreading.





Meanwhile, in the northwest suburbs of DC a new parkrun community was born. Kensington parkrun has its official launch on March 24th, but they’re holding unofficial runs and coffee get togethers every week from now on the Rock Creek Trail. 


This week’s pioneers included a mix of veterans from nearby College Park parkrun and Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, plus enthusiastic first timers from the neighborhood.




Even superheroes need their rest. 


Shhh, and see you next week.


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