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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 10th 2018

Livonia feature photo 2.10.18

This week’s parkrun roundup includes an impressive milestone achievement, some very chilly winter weather, some Valentine’s Day love, and a few new recruits at our next parkrun event.


anacostia 2.10.18


Tim from Livonia parkrun in Michigan had a warm welcome this week from the community at Anacostia parkrun! Tyrone is a recent recruit at Anacostia and went straight to work helping new comers and tourists alike feel at home. Notably, Tyrone finished in 4th place today at his 4th parkrun!


Renton 3 2.10.18


Renton City Council Member Ryan McIrvin was back on the course today pushing his two kids Molly and Lena across the 5km course. Everyone was quite happy to see the sun this morning after a couple of weeks of non-stop rain.


Renton 4 2.10.18


But it wasn’t just the sun that had people smiling; love was in the air at Renton parkrun where they held a special Valentine’s Day run complete with cake, photo props, and an abundance of corny jokes! Rebecca (Renton’s Creative Director of Props) took a moment to show off her handy work.


Crissy Field 2.10.18


At Crissy Field parkrun, they start volunteer training at an early age! This little monkey helped her parents hand out tokens and smiles to finishers at this week’s event.


Durham 2 2.10.18


Where would we be without our committed volunteers? Thank you to everyone at Durham parkrun who stood in the rain and helped put on this weekend’s event: Donald, William, Gordon, Julie, Heiko, and Bob.


Deep Run 2.10.18


Speaking of rain, the folks at Deep Run parkrun were wet from head to toe this week! Lindy completed her 15th parkrun today all of which have been at Deep Run.


Roosevent Island 2.10.18


At Roosevelt Island parkrun, the smallest helpers got the biggest smiles! Sometimes high fives are all it takes to be a fantastic volunteer. If you would like to volunteer with your child, get in touch with your local parkrun event team.


Eagan 1 2.10.18


The Superbowl has left town but these diehard fans of Eagan parkrun are still going strong. With a windchill temperature of -12F this week, these parkrunners might have had to stay close in order to keep warm! Above in red is Amit Parnerkar who received Eagan’s parkrunner of the month award in January for being tailwalker for all three events that month; thanks Amit for your hi-viz heroics!


Fletcher's Cove


The Fletcher’s Cove parkrun volunteer team met for a post run coffee meeting at Kristina’s. Coffee catchups following parkrun is a worldwide tradition and allows the core crew to process results while also exchanging stories about the morning run.


Livonia 2.10.18


At Livonia parkrun in Michigan, the oldest parkrun in the United States, you can usually find a good selection of parkrun milestone shirts on display. Participants were all bundled up this weekend at Livonia but what you didn’t know is that this week 12 out of 16 runners held a 10, 50, or 100 run t-shirt!


Mansfield 2 2.10.18


The Mansfield parkrun team had another cold and wintery day but you can’t get much closer than the park community center for post-run coffee! Here we have Kelly, Karen, Dylan, and Darlene who were busy talking about ways for participants to volunteer and run at the same event.


College Park 2.10.18


Frank Filteau completed his 50 parkrun milestone at College Park this weekend. But more incredible is that Frank set a new parkrun USA record, reaching the milestone in just 350 days! In that time Frank also took two Saturdays off from running so that he could volunteer.


clermont 2.10.18


With a selection of world flags guiding runners across the Clermont parkrun finish line, you’d think this was the Olympics! Thankfully you don’t need to be a medalist to participate in parkrun though you might feel like you’ve just won gold when your best running friends cheer you all the way to the end. This week was Maureen’s seventh run in Clermont.


South Boulder Creek 2.10.18


This week at the soon-to-launch South Boulder Creek parkrun, Event Director Devin Rourke was joined by 5 runners who weren’t daunted one bit by the low temperatures or snow. Joined by Andrew who is a former Event Director in Whales and Chris from Newcastle in Australia, the group had a lot to discuss over post-parkrun coffee. Please spread the word or make plans to join them at the inaugural event on February 24th.


We’ll see you next week with more photos and stories from the field!

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