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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 17 2018

feature photos 2.17.18

It was a busy weekend across the USA with 602 runners and walkers, 91 first-timers, 27 tourists, and 107 personal bests at 15 events. We had kids, parents, strollers, dogs, and even a stuffed bear in attendance! Click through to hear their stories.


College Park 2.17.18


Kristina McKenna, Brunei Gasaway, and Lauren Freed are first timers who are cadets in an Army ROTC unit at the Univ. of Maryland. Kristina is working with Event Director Andrea Zukowski to set up a date in March to invite the whole battalion out to cover all of the volunteer jobs that they’re allowed to do, and to allow everyone else to run. For many of the cadets, in their previous athletic pursuits, running was assigned as a punishment, so they don’t look fondly on the sport. Kristina’s goal is to show her fellow cadets, through parkrun, that running can be fun. Fantastic idea!


Crissy Field 2.17.18


What could be more sublime than crossing the finish line at Crissy Field parkrun on a sunny day in the presence of the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful San Francisco Bay? It’s no wonder that tourists from all over the world love Crissy Field parkrun. This week they had 14 first time parkrunners and 7 tourists.


Leakin Park 1 2.17.18


No parkrun is possible without our amazing volunteers. This week we’d like to thank the volunteer team from Leakin Park parkrun including Jen, Deb, and Danielle from the Catonsville chapter of Moms Run This Town.


Moberly 2.17.18


In Moberly, Missouri, Run Director Regina Cross was parkrunning solo after more foul weather convinced the regulars to stay indoors. She says, “The good thing about solo days: no one minds if the briefing/start is delayed by a phone call from your mother!”


Roosevelt 1 2.17.18


At Roosevelt Island parkrun, Victor Kralj and his mom, Marianne Terrot, were heading toward the finish line when Victor broke away into a sprint finish. Saturday was Victor’s fourth parkrun though he’s no stranger to exercise; Victor also regularly plays Pokémon Go!


South Boulder 2.17.18


At South Boulder parkrun where they are preparing for their inaugural event next week, Event Directors Chris and Devin welcomed a few new people to the parkrun community including Hung (second from left) who got hooked on parkrun while on a teacher exchange in Australia, Sam and his friend (middle) who are both familiar with parkrun from their other home in Huddersfield UK, and Chris (far right) who is a local triathlete who’s looking forward to using parkrun as part of his weekly training. Good luck at your launch event this coming weekend!


Renton 1 2.17.18


At Renton parkrun, one of our youngest participants was Kalah and her teddy bear named Bear. Together they helped their mom (Rebecca) and big sister (Kesha) as marshal at one of the turnaround points. But at the finish line Bear said he wanted to wear the volunteer vest and Kalah obliged. Kids, dogs and stuffed bears are always welcome to help their parents volunteer at parkrun!


Mansfield 2.17.18


It was a noteworthy morning at Mansfield parkrun where Bob Kline both volunteered and ran for the 25th time all at Mansfield OH, Gretchen Schmidt finished in 10th position on her 10th run, and Event Director Karen Crane volunteered for the 50th time in the USA. Pictured are Amy and Kay who are using these weekly events to train for the Arnold Classic Pump and Run, a local run with quite a distinction. Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 5km running event also involves a bench press! Woah!


Livonia 2.17.18


It was a special morning for one family at Livonia parkrun where three generations of parkrunners attended together. Grandma Linda Aitken set a course record as the first female in the W75-79 category, shown here with her daughter Sarah Lepschy, and first-timer granddaughter Anna Lepschy.


Fletchers Cove 2.17.18


Fletcher’s Cove had a guest runner this week from College Park: meet Lokesh! With 25 parkruns under his belt at 6 different events, Lokesh has become a recognizable regular and can often be found pushing a stroller. (This week he was pushing his daughter Gaury across the course.) But Lokesh is known for much more than just parkrun; he’s also made some impressive health improvements through running. Read more of his story in this newspaper article.


Eagan 1 2.17.18


Eagan parkrun had an icy start and a bit of snow but that didn’t dissuade their first-timers who made up 36% of Eagan’s attendance this week.


Deep run 2.17.18


It was another chilly but thankfully dry event at Deep Run parkrun in Virginia where 5 happy parkrunners secured a new personal best!


Anacostia 1 2.17.18


The sun was shining at Anacostia event #14 with 13 runners in attendance and 6 volunteers.


Clermont 2 2.17.18


At Clermont parkrun in Florida, 106 runners had an exciting morning running on a new segment of trail. Afterward, many of them traded stories and got to know each other over breakfast at Cheeser’s Palace.


Jamaica Pond


Get your barcodes ready! Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston will be launching on March 31st, the first parkrun in New England. Follow them on Facebook to stay on top of announcements and connect with the team.


Leakin Park 2 2.17.18



That’s a wrap! Join us next weekend as a parkrunner or a volunteer. Contact your local parkrun about how you can join the Hi-viz Hero Team!

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