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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 24th 2018


This week’s parkrun USA roundup is full of stories about the next generation. Young parkrunners and young parkruns. Families connecting by taking different roles at their local parkrun. Old friends connecting by taking part in events on opposite sides of the world. The future is looking bright.




A foggy February morning brought a new attendance record at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. How was that possible?


Thanks to Moms Run This Town Catonsville, you could enjoy a Disney-themed run, for for the princess-ly sum of $0, right in your back yard.






Against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, South Boulder Creek parkrun became the first parkrun in the Mountain Time Zone.




At Roosevelt Island parkrun they had one of their largest ever attendances. More and more people are learning about this hidden gem a stone’s throw from the National Mall.




Running is fun!


The big turnout at Roosevelt Island parkrun was partly due to the families that started their weekend together with a run around the island.




The kids enjoyed the company and the natural beauty. But of course the parents needed to document the experience. At Roosevelt Island parkrun.




At Deep Run parkrun young Bo Lewis celebrated reaching his 10-parkrun milestone by taking a minute and a half from his PB.




Breaking free from your stroller …




… it’s basically priceless




If you’re still a little young to break free of the stroller, then you can still enjoy a high five. At Durham, NC parkrun.




August ’15: “I am only in the UK two Saturdays per year. At this rate it will be another 48 years before I earn my 100 parkrun t-shirt.”


Worst prediction ever!


This week at College Park parkrun they celebrated the 50-run milestone of Event Director Andrea Zukowski. Andrea decided that her community needed a parkrun, and she made it happen. After 72 events, and now averaging over 100 participants per week, parkrun is now a staple of the community.




Whatever your pace, we are thrilled to see you finish your parkrun. At Clermont parkrun.




It takes a Minnesotan mindset to understand why they were thankful for Friday’s snowstorm. It covered the ice that was making the trail unsafe, meaning that it was safe to proceed with Eagan parkrun.




The fog at Anacostia parkrun left the impression that the parkrunners were a thousand miles from the nation’s capital.




A few miles away at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun you had the choice of running, walking, or leaping.




With the temps close to freezing and the snow gone (for now), there was plenty to celebrate at Livonia parkrun.




The swim cap tells you all that you need to know about this week’s weather at Mansfield OH parkrun.




If swim caps were needed, then volunteer vests also needed to be hung out to dry at Mansfield OH parkrun.




Across the country, parkrun events sent welcome messages to the newest member of the family in Boulder. Before now, the closest parkrun to Boulder, CO was Moberly parkrun in Missouri, a mere 780 miles away.




1300 miles from Boulder, they welcomed the new family member at Renton parkrun.




You don’t need much for a parkrun: Run Director (check), some parkrunners (check), and a few more helpers of any age (check). Lake monsters are useful, but optional.




“Ann, you *have* to go.”


Ann Raabe was persuaded by her dear friend Gilly to do her first ever parkrun at South Boulder Creek parkrun. Gilly is a regular parkrunner at Delta parkrun in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now they can share experiences on a Saturday, from opposite sides of the world.




Next up after South Boulder Creek: Kensington parkrun in Maryland launches on March 24th.


This week Cindy Conant was named as the USA Track & Field Runner of the Year in her age-group (translation: she’s crazy fast). Did she celebrate by rubbing shoulders with the Olympians who often win these awards? No, she’s part of the team that’s bringing parkrun to her own neighborhood, and this week she took the helm at a trial run.




Up in Boston they’re getting excited about the March 31st launch of Jamaica Pond parkrun,. At the foot of the city’s famed Emerald Necklace, it is a perfect setting for the first parkrun in New England.




See you next week.


Spring can’t be too far off.

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