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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 3rd 2018


It was a wild weather weekend, especially on the east coast as the “beast from the East,” aka the “bomb cyclone” aka a “nor’easter” brought strong winds and snow and there was flooding in the middle of the country. These conditions resulted in unwelcome presents left on the courses of a number of our parkruns. Events further west, however, saw sunshine and blue skies. True to the parkrun spirit, regardless of the weather there were happy runners and walkers enjoying their Saturday mornings across the US.




11-year old Hugh was slated to be a turn-around marshal this week at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in DC. He and Andres, his adult co-marshal, were headed to their post when they discovered that the course was blocked by downed trees. Fortunately the quick-thinking team was able to invert the course, running the C&O Canal towpath in the opposite direction, and Hugh and Andres made a last-minute bike dash to the new turn-around point.




Mom Kirsty was running with Hugh’s little brother, Murdo (4), in the stroller at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Murdo decided he wanted to run the last bit of the course and so he jumped off and sprinted to the finish line, with Mom in hot pursuit.




Yes, that would count as a course obstructions.




At Clermont Waterfront parkrun in Floida, the finish chute is lined with strings of international flags. This week they were blowing in the wind more strongly than normal as Anne finished her run. But aside from slightly chilly temperatures, the bad weather stayed far away. Anne and her husband recently moved from Boulder, CO, and have been very active parkrunners, volunteering many times already. 




Anacostia parkrun frequently hosts youth running group Teens Run DC, and Chris was fired up to claim a PB today. Mission accomplished, he then went off to his regular Teens Run DC practice.




Even Crissy Field parkrun in California had a “challenging” morning. (Take that with a grain of salt, it’s all relative.) The threat of a shower loomed, keeping some locals at home, but the parkrun tourists saved the day. A brand new Run Director, Tammie, took charge this week. She has been running with Crissy Field for well over a year and is eager to get her 25 volunteer t-shirt. She’s also planning some parkrun volunteering on an upcoming trip to Ireland.




Speaking of new Run Directors, Brian tried his hand at the role for the first time in Renton parkrun, in Washington State. He was pleasantly surprised when one of the Event Directors hijacked his run briefing and presented him with the parkrunner of the Month award.




During an early morning survey of the College Park parkrun course, organizers came across this fallen tree, which prompted a cancellation. parkrunners were encouraged to visit one of the other events in the region, and within the hour College Park regulars could be found at 4 different events. A few didn’t get the cancellation message and showed up anyhow, to discover that the tree had already been cleared by the efficient local parks department!




Small sticks and pinecones were the only debris on the path at Deep Run parkrun, where they had a chilly but clear and sunny day. Plenty of new participants showed up this week, and Event Director Nicole is thrilled that their weekly average is climbing to between 30 and 40. Throw in some playful dogs and excited children, and the crowd feels even larger.




Ottowa, Illinois has dealt with some extreme weather lately. Flooding along the Illinois River left the course at Heritage Harbor parkrun completely underwater for over a week. They were able to go ahead this week, with minor modifications to the route. Participants had to contend with some unusual trail debris, including fish that had been stranded after the floods. “There were lots of leftovers on the path” said Daniel, one of their volunteers this week.


heritageharbor_20180303 (1)_web


It’s great to be running again at Heritage Harbor parkrun.




Few things motivate someone who doesn’t like the cold and isn’t a morning person to get out of bed early on a Saturday. But the combination of a dog that needs walking and a friend who is organizing a free, weekly 5K was just the ticket to get Morriah to the Kensington parkrun trial run this week. Better yet, Morriah’s dear friend Pam was the turnaround marshal. It’s a double out-and-back course, so they got to visit twice.




So close! Warmer temperatures have been very welcome for parkrunners in Eagan, Minnesota. But when the melted snow refroze overnight, it created ice patches that made the course unsafe. Not long now, spring is right around the corner.




Keeping warm and keeping up with the Joneses are both encouraged at Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. Doug and Will Jones each hit their 25 volunteer milestone in the last two weeks. This week they welcomed son/brother Zach and neighbor Kristie to the 25 volunteer club.


anacostia_20180303 (1)_web


At Anacostia parkrun Jennifer became their first ever “parkrunner of the Season”. She first became involved in parkrun at Roosevelt Island and then jumped on board to help Anacostia get its footing.




It was a chilly, windy day at Livonia parkrun, but the slick spots on the course were easily avoided. The sun was warm so they’re convinced that spring can’t be too far away.




Nearby Fort Meade has sent Marines and soldiers (Army) to Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. This week, they sent sailors from the Navy, who showed off more than just their running abilities. They brought along some Navy Public Affairs personnel, so their photography skills were also on display.




The Coast Guard was represented in Renton parkrun in Washington State as friends (and Coast Guard Academy track teammates) Jon & Jason hammed it up for the photographer.




With the harsh winter starting to recede, five times as many people than last week participated in Moberly parkrun on a cool, clear day. Everyone pitched in to help with volunteer duties.




Everyone loves the beauty of the course through the woods at Roosevelt Island parkrun, but high wind brought a few of the trees down onto the path so they had to cancel this week. Fortunately, Roosevelt Island parkrunners are spoiled for choice with other nearby parkrun events.




Wait a minute, what happened to the beautiful snow that we saw in the pictures from last week’s launch of South Boulder Creek parkrun? The sun brought a clear trail and a lot of PBs this week.


See you next week! Let’s hope for some clear trails.

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